Shambhala Publishes New A. H. Almaas Book -- Inexhaustible Mystery

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Spiritual teacher A. H. Almaas completes his series of Diamond Heart books with the fifth in the series -- Inexhaustible Mystery.

Diamond Heart: Book Five -- Inexhaustible Mystery

The me that I'm referring to is
the me of everybody and everything. It is the ground beyond being and nonbeing, the inexhaustible mystery.

The Diamond Heart series of books are taken primarily from transcripts of teaching talks given in the author's popular Diamond Approach groups. The books progress in subtlety and depth in describing the way reality manifests its mysteries in various facets and dimensions, offering understanding of the true nature of reality and the potential for being human.

A central theme of the series is that reality posses a distinct purity—which Almaas has termed at different times as "true nature," "essential nature," or "being"—as the ground of all manifestation, as the irreducible perfection at the very heart of everything. This ground is composed of five co-emergent dimensions: universal love, pure presence, non-conceptual awareness, absolute emptiness, and creative dynamism.

The first three dimensions are emphasized in the previous books, while Book Five focuses on the dimensions of absolute emptiness and creative dynamism (how our spiritual purity is inherently creative and dynamic, and is always displaying or manifesting all the forms of experience we encounter).

The book concludes by discussing the inseparability of the five dimensions, and points to the truth that enlightenment goes further than the realization of the boundless, empty luminosity and dynamism of true nature. The realization of the empty, boundless ground of reality simply functions as a way station toward a freedom that expands even further, opening up a much more inclusive view of the totality of reality—one that encompasses all realizations without needing to adhere to any of them.

Diamond Heart: Book Five – Inexhaustible Mystery is published by Shambhala Publications, Inc. and distributed by Random House, Inc. (ISBN: 978-1-59030-906-3). It can be obtained from, online booksellers, and your local bookstore.

Almaas will be making a rare public appearance in support of the book:
July 15, Friday, Berkeley, CA, Ridhwan Center for Spiritual Development

For more information on the book, the book talk, and a free excerpt from the chapter, "Sinking Your Boats ", see

"We can think of no more significant voice in the transpersonal field than A. H. Almaas. His work is a seamless integration of cutting edge psychology and profound spirituality that addresses the concerns and hopes of contemporary people."—Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, authors of Personality Types

"The work of A. H. Almaas places him among the greatest psychologists alive today."—Jack Kornfield

About A. H. Almaas
A. H. Almaas has written several other books that describe the many elements and dimensions of True Nature, the essence of the human being, and the methods for its unfoldment. Titles include Essence, The Pearl Beyond Price, Facets of Unity, and The Inner Journey Home. These works have been praised by many contemporary thinkers and teachers, including Ken Wilber, Jack Kornfield, Joan Borysenko, and Jean Houston.

Almaas is the originator of the Diamond Approach, a spiritual teaching, path, and method of faceted unfoldment that uses essential elements as the primary vehicle of self-realization (as compared to a one-pointed or panoramic approach of other teachings). He is also the founder of the Ridhwan School, the vehicle by which this method is taught and practiced by people in North America, Europe, and Australia.

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