World Leading Quartz Cuvette Manufacturer NSG Precision Cells Releases Superior Screw Cap Spectrophotometer Cuvette

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NSG Precision Cells has manufactured a superior screw cap spectrophotometer cuvette. These screw cap cuvettes can be used for standard spectroscopy and are great for anaerobic work.

NSG Screw Cap Spectrophotometer Cuvette

NSG Screw Cap Spectrophotometer Cuvette

As each year goes by, NSG is always looking to improve on current industry standards.

NSG Precision Cells has been making cuvettes and cuvette accessories for the scientific community for over 50 years. As each year goes by, NSG is always looking to improve on current industry standards. This year NSG bring a vastly superior screw cap spectrophotometer cuvette to the scientific industry.

This screw cap cuvette is made from NSG's top grade ES Quartz. ES Quartz is NSG's highest grade quartz and has transmission properties of 180-2,500 nm at over 80% transmission. Manufacturing these screw cap cuvettes from ES Quartz makes it almost impossible for any other manufacturer to compete with.

The NSG factory in Sakata Japan puts great effort into each and every screw cap cuvette that comes off the production line. Each spectrophotometer cuvette is inspected by a live person for defects such as scratches, bubbles, distortion, delamination, etc. The manufacturing and inspection of these cuvettes are all done in a clean room to ensure no dust or contaminants effect the cells.

NSG includes a standard solid screw cap with each screw cap spectrophotometer cuvette, as well as a septa cap. White screws caps are also available, but not included with standard orders.
The special septa caps that come with the screw cap cuvettes are great for researchers who need to perform anaerobic experiments. All a scientist needs to do is insert one inlet and one outlet tube in the septa top. This allows the use of a vacuum or air flow system to increase or decrease the pressure in the cuvette.

Manufacturers of liquid calibration standards have been using NSG's screw cap cuvettes for years to house the calibration fluids. Since these screw cap cells are air tight, you do not lose any samples over time. A screw cap top is the best top for a cuvette since the cuvette can be inverted or placed on its side without any worry of spilling any samples.

NSG Precision Cells also makes these unique screw cap cuvettes for fluorometers. The difference between a spectrophotometer cuvette and fluorometer cuvette is that a spectrophotometer cuvette only has two sides polished, where-as a fluorometer cuvettes has three or four sides polished.

NSG's polishing is second to none. In order for a cuvette to perform well the optical polish must be flawless. NSG has over three different stages that spectrophotometer cuvettes are put through to obtain the best possible polish.

About NSG Precision Cells

NSG Precision Cells, Inc. was founded in 1958 and has been growing ever since. NSG Precision Cells, Inc. is a well established, highly regarded quartz manufacturer and we specialize in the manufacturing of quartz flowcells, quartz flow channel cuvettes, quartz microchips, quartz cuvettes, and other quartz optical products.

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