Claremont BioSolutions – Ultra-Rapid Protein Purification Product Release Announcement

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The official release of HisExpress™ disposable columns for rapid His-tagged protein purification in less than three minutes.

Claremont BioSolutions, LLC (ClaremontBio) announced today the official release of its HisExpress™ disposable columns for rapid His-tagged protein purification in less than three minutes. The HisExpress™ column is one of two products being officially released to the market in July that focus on the need for a quick and simple method of protein purification. HisExpress™ columns feature easy and efficient protocols for researchers in the life science and diagnostics fields.

From Insight to Action:
“The concept for HisExpress™ columns was inspired by ClaremontBio’s novel OmniLyse® disposable lysis device, which was originally designed for ultra-rapid DNA extraction. It was a natural progression for us to design novel His-tagged protein purification columns using our proprietary ultra-fast flow technology” explains Robert Doebler, Ph.D., President and Cofounder of ClaremontBio.

Early development of the HisExpress™ columns was an extension of the vision of previously developed technologies of ClaremontBio, to provide rapid, disposable and simple-to-use sample preparation products without sacrificing either flow-through capabilities or sample quality. Initial attempts at ClaremontBio to extract and purify protein using its proprietary technologies were extremely promising and quickly led to the HisExpress™ column which achieves highly reproducible results and greater than 95% protein purity. With respect to the need for a rapid method of His-tagged protein purification, Dr. Doebler comments, “Although we continue to see advances in high throughput processing of samples, we feel there is an unmet need for improvement in terms of speed and ease-of-use in small-scale protein affinity chromatography.” Current His-tagged protein purification protocols are complicated and require over an hour to complete and require equipment that occupies valuable lab space, constraining overall laboratory productivity. As a consequence, researchers are limited in the rate at which experiments can be completed. Ultimately, this has hindered the study of proteomics and has limited the benefits that proteomics promises. The HisExpress™ columns address each of these limitations, yet are cost effective and offer higher protein yields in a fraction of the time.

Technology Overview:
HisExpress™ columns dramatically reduce the time required to purify His-tagged proteins -- from one hour or more down to a few minutes. The HisExpress™ columns combine the speed and disposability of spin columns and the convenience of “fast-flow” affinity chromatography columns. Additionally, the novel HisExpress™ columns eliminate high pressure, eradicate the risk of blockage (allowing for crude lysate to be passed directly through the column, without clarification), and feature a simple, user-friendly protocol. HisExpress™ columns achieve reproducible purity of >95% in fewer steps, requiring less than three minutes for complete sample purification. HisExpress™ columns are now on the market and are priced competitively with previous-generation products and are available in several package sizes from ClaremontBio. In addition, ClaremontBio has designed the recently released OmniLyse® HL lysis kits to be used in tandem with the HisExpress™ columns for seamless sample preparation. When used together, these devices allow for protein purification from whole cells in less than six minutes. The combination kits are available through ClaremontBio with pricing to encourage the coupled process of sample preparation with OmniLyse® HL lysis followed by HisExpress™ purification. ClaremontBio is planning the release in the near future of Express™ columns for extraction and purification of proteins tagged with other commonly used affinity tags.

“We envision HisExpress™ columns becoming the ‘gold-standard’ for His-tagged protein purification for samples smaller than two milligrams,” says Dr. Doebler.

About ClaremontBio:
Claremont BioSolutions focuses on developing products that combine speed with ease-of-use and is dedicated to continually manufacturing next-generation sample preparation products for global research use.

For more information about HisExpress™ columns, please contact us:

Contact Name: John Maveety
Claremont BioSolutions, LLC
Email: jmaveety(at)claremontbio(dot)com
Ph: (877) 310-2189
Fax: (909) 946-1132
Address: 1182 Monte Vista Ave
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Upland, CA 91786.
Source: Claremont BioSolutions, LLC


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