How Can Small Businesses Compete In a Struggling Economy? Ray Lankin's New "12-Step Marketing System" Launches In Time to Give Small Businesses an Edge in Uncertain Times

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With the deadline for the national budget looming, CEO of Superior Consulting Management, Inc., Ray Lankin offers a brand new marketing service and expert advice to help small businesses stay afloat...whatever our economic future may hold.

Ray Lankin, CEO

Superior Consulting Management, Inc.

“A healthy economy needs small-businesses to thrive. We provide them the Marketing & Management tools needed to increase profitability and secure their bottom line. This boost in revenue is like a vitamin for the economy.”
Ray Lankin, CEO

August 2nd is more than just the deadline for the federal budget, it could also alert certain financial peril for businesses unprepared for the changes to come. Everyone—from corporate titans to Main Street start-ups, knows well what’s at stake when high taxes and bad budgeting threaten to shut down Washington…and Wall Street! And while companies in every sector have struggled, small-businesses—for whom Uncle Sam offers no bail-out—seem to suffer the brunt of the economic down-turn. However, much of what could be considered a “crisis” for a small-business owner could likely be averted with the right professional advice and some timely economic adaptations. Ray Lankin, of Superior Consulting Management, Inc. (SCM, Inc.) is here to help.

Where to Turn as Questions Mount?
As a small-business owner, you may be asking, “How do we maintain revenue when consumers are spending less?” “Can my budget handle recruiting the new-hires we need?” “How do I get my advertisements to reach a wider audience?” “Can I afford to expand? Can I afford not to?”
These are not answers you want to look up on Wikipedia!

In a time when it seems like Uncle Sam has forgotten about the problems facing Main Street's small businesses, Ray Lankin provides custom solutions, tailored around a specific business’s goals and needs. Lankin's new service, “The 12-Step Marketing System" is geared specifically toward helping to minimize the detrimental effects of the recession. And for businesses already mired in the recession's grasp, he offers these insights:

"I find that most small business owners struggle with fully utilizing the resources they have. Too often, they see the cost of utilization as a loss, rather than an investment." Lankin advises owners and entrepreneurs to hold off on hiring more staff, at least until the federal budget has been finalized, because no one knows what the new budget may mean for a company's payroll taxes for those new employees. "It is not atypical, nor inappropriate to ask your most competent staff members to wear several hats, as a way of coping in a time of sacrifice. You may save your budget by giving a current adept employee a bit of a raise, rather than adding an entirely new salary to your ledger for the new hire--and thus adding more taxes."

But what to do when staff is already stretched quite thin? Small businesses, especially, may find it necessary to expand, but difficult to afford. "The answer is in revenue," says Lankin, regarding how to finance expansion. "Bringing in more money during a recession is difficult--you may need to make a sacrifice in overhead (no more water coolers, perhaps) and reallocate those funds to advertising." Many small businesses, particularly in small, culturally homogenized communities, rely solely on 'word-of-mouth', which could be extremely limiting to revenue and exposure if not properly enacted. "They have the right idea," says Lankin, "but in this digital age, commerce is global. So spreading the word is best done on Facebook than in the community circular. If you offer a service or product that could serve more people, get it on the 'net!" When Mom & Pop shops are threatened by looming tax increases, it may be time for mom and pop to ditch the penny-saver, and opt for twitter. Not necessarily to expand globally, but realistically, perhaps the neighboring community can provide the much needed boost in clientele. This will in turn pay for the recruitment of new staff, expedite product/service delivery, boost consumers’ spendable income by creating jobs, boost revenue, and so on. The point is, "digital advertising is the catalyst to fatter profits, and an overall healthier economy."

Ray Lankin's New & Improved Specialized Service: "The 12-Step Marketing Approach"
So you've cut costs, you've reallocated funds, hired a few mavericks, and are ready for growth. Now what? Superior Consulting Management, Inc. has created a new marketing system to help small businesses hit the ground running, despite economic turbulence.

Launched early in 2011, this new 12-step system has already helped to boost client profits significantly. "It's about customization. Small businesses can't rely on cookie-cutter solutions, not in this economic climate. We recognized that each business, no matter how small, is unique, and deserves the opportunity to compete. It just needs the tools." This new approach is aggressive, and involves researching the industry, competition, and commercial market for that particular business, then offering solutions, step by step, to reach the desired goal. For most companies, that goal is increased revenue. This new method, tailored especially for small businesses, took months to devise, and is finally available, just in time for the changing financial market.

The Man Behind the Brand
Ray Lankin is far from your average CEO. With more than 15 years of experience developing marketing strategies and increasing revenue for small businesses, Lankin’s insights into business success are not just theoretical, like so many others. Even while in college, studying for his business degree, Lankin was already busy managing the marketing protocol of two small companies, helping to gain new clientele and increase revenue for each venture. Ray Lankin’s business acumen is most notable because it is rooted in a true passion to help businesses grow, making their goals his goals.

What’s the Bottom Line?
So how does one strengthen their bottom line against a fluctuating economy? The deadline for the national budget is due August 2nd, have you designed a plan to adapt for the economic changes to come? What may seem like just politics could have a detrimental effect on a small-business’s profits. What are the keys to staying afloat? Ray Lankin is prepared to have this conversation, are you?

Before your bottom line suffers,contact Superior Consulting Management, Inc. and discuss your options. Perhaps the new 12-Step Marketing System is right for you!

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