Casa Forma Ten-Step Guide to a Successful Design Process for Billingbear Park Polo Club

Casa Forma, London evokes one word; perfection. This is what the design house strived for when constructing and putting the final touches to designing Billingbear Park Polo Club in Berkshire, England.

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(PRWEB) July 17, 2011

Maximising the interior and architectural design to obtain the best from the space was of paramount importance. Understanding that everyone is unique and requires different elements from a room is a given. The definition of good design is something that functions, but catches the eye. This is exactly what Casa Forma, London offered Billingbear Park.

Understanding and keeping any client updated with each phase of the process is a crucial aspect of the design process and without proper foundations, beauty can only be skin deep. The Casa Forma team’s expertise and aesthetic sensibilities produce complex project’s leaving no rock unturned when it comes to creating the dream. It takes knowledge and experience such as this to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Take a peek at how they tackled interior design at Billingbear Polo Club with this insightful ten-step guide to a smooth design experience.

1. Project Experience: Casa Forma always aims to deliver not just a project but a complete and pleasurable experience for every client. It is not just about the delivery of a project but also about how the whole process and interaction with the client will develop throughout the length of the project. This is what convinced Swedish businessman Roger Carlson to want to work with Casa Forma and update the stabling facilities at Billingbear Polo Club providing a much needed extension on the clubhouse and a reconfiguration of the grounds.

2. Know your Clients: To deliver the perfect project experience one needs to know what type of client one is dealing with. The development of any project and its delivery always needs to be tailored around the client’s lifestyle. Due to time constraints, some clients prefer to have a full turnkey service that is completely specified by the architects and/or interior designers; on the other hand, others prefer to get involved with all decisions, thus maximising the end user experience. In the case of Billingbear Park Polo Club, Roger Carlson preferred the full turnkey service. He had been impressed by Casa Forma’s particular brand of carefully moderated luxury and their ability to maintain integrity of design throughout the complex and multifaceted schemes and felt confident to allow Casa Forma full reign.

3. Define a Clear Design Path: Rather than choosing a particular "style", which can be a constricting decision, Casa Forma led Roger Carlson through the thought process behind his project by explaining how and why they arrived at certain designs. This was not only a revealing experience for Luigi Esposito (creative director and interior designer at Casa Forma) but also for Mr Carson, as through this process Luigi got to know more about Mr Carson and his team and was able to incorporate more personal touches to the final interior and architectural design. This was especially important as it was critical that expansion of the property was achieved without introducing a visible transition or design tension between the original structures and new extensions.

4. Materials, Materials, Materials: A thoughtful selection of materials is key for the success of any project. Casa Forma work closely with a highly selected list of suppliers and craftsman who work hand in hand with the company to deliver unique solutions for all projects. The Casa Forma team are always looking for the best - be it British or foreign. There are no limits when it comes to finding the right supplier and the company will even fly to other continents if this is what it takes. In one hallway at Billingbear sits a handsome wrought iron console table, flaked by matching Ralph Lauren ottomans and topped with a pile of antique books, an ivory statuette and an unusual candelabra fashioned from deer antlers. In the next room, an enchantingly time-worn leather chest from Bentleys and Walton Street serves as a side table. Atop sits a silver and alligator skin tray, which itself carries an intriguing collection of antique glass bottles, decanters and vials. All carefully selected by Casa Forma.

5. Presentation: One of the biggest challenges any design team faces is to convey their ideas in a comprehensive package that the client can relate to. It is a must that the presentation format is clear, friendly and coherent. For Roger Carlson who found it hard to visualize the 2D concepts, Casa Forma went to the extent of designing ultra-reality CGI drawings which replicated the room and finishes in 3D.

6. Keep Yourself Well Informed: Current trends and even day to day events can impact any interior design scheme. Trade fairs, conferences, workshops and summits are great events to get updates on the latest trends. In such a competitive market, it is crucial to keep one's finger on the pulse at all times. Day to day events, especially financial ones, can also play a crucial part on design so keep well informed to be ahead of the game. Again this was another reason why Luigi and his team were chosen by Mr Carson.

7. Communication on All Levels: Keeping Roger’s team well informed on the progress of the project so that they all understood the process was crucial. Building work can be quite daunting to a lot of people and not to know what is going on can make matters much more difficult. The flow of information between Roger’s team, Luigi and contractors was always kept well aligned.

8. Know your Team on Site: It does not matter if drawings, client rapport and presentations were flawless if one cannot deliver what has been proposed. A strong and reliable team on site ensured that what had been envisaged at Billingbear was actually constructed. It was very important that the contractor on site understood the proposal clearly and had the know how to materialize it.

9. Dealing with Challenges: No interior design project is alike at Casa Forma. The team is always in search of the new and exciting and always pushing boundaries, and sometimes unforeseen challenges arise. What is most remarkable about Billingbear Park is how a sporting club has now been given all the qualities of a grand yet inviting home.

10. Delivery: Interior design projects are often attached to dreams; the dream of a beautiful space. Casa Forma always strives to deliver the dream and a little extra, and for this, one needs impeccable delivery. Casa Forma aimed to delight Carson in every possible way from constructing a terrace from reclaimed flagstones to creating neat pathways of manicured lawns and shrub beds with separate routes for pedestrians, cars and horses. All details gave Casa Forma an opportunity to enchant Mr Carson at every given opportunity.

As a designer, following these basic ten steps has enhanced the way Casa Forma work and help maximise client satisfaction.

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