A New Juvenile Comic Book by Sphulling Presents ‘Questrons: The Web Riders’, the Technology Superheroes of New Smart-Age

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In the age of smart devices connected through the World Wide Web, ‘Questrons – the Web Riders’ cyber port to the virtual world on their Quests of knowledge. This sci-fi comic book by Sphulling Arts presents the Questrons and hopes to bring the focus back on Science and Technology.

Virtual world is a replica of the real world, yet its more powerful, complex, secretive, and uncontrolled than original.

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The Information age is burgeoning into the Smart-age in which the world will be dominated by hundreds of smart devices. Connected wirelessly by internet, these devices are spread across the known edges of human world. Humans are spending more and more time inside the virtual worlds in their avatars.

Smart nano devices connected by internet is the new frontier of technology for next decade or so. A sci-fi fiction ‘Questrons – The Web Riders’ by Sphulling Arts introduces these very concepts of cyber technology to youngsters. Knowledge of these concepts is going to be as essential as learning simple math or language.

In this Manga style comic book, Sphulling presents a story of two neighborhood kids, Josh and Ananya. Their incredible appetite for the quest of unknown has earned them a nick name ‘Questrons’. This series of short sci-fi stories about their adventures in the cyber world touches the concepts of Internet, Web Communication and Internet search.

This comic book builds an exciting and novel plot. Aaron is a master designer of virtual worlds for online games. He has taught all his programming secrets to his daughter Ananya, who is fast becoming a master programmer herself. But unknown to Aaron, she discovers a secrete passage to internet beyond the virtual world while playing with her old computer ‘Ankam’. Able to travel into internet, Ananya and Ankam were often restricted by hardware limits of web. But that was not a problem when Josh is around who is the master of robotics. Josh can make any piece of electronics move. Together, the incredible ‘Questrons’ sets on virtual voyages to follow the breaking news on social media and stumble upon unexpected surprises on their quests.

In this volume of the series, Questrons save the earth from a massive asteroid collision with incredible use of cyber technology. The comic book is very successful in building the excitement to the final adventure while briefly touching scientific topics about near earth space objects like Asteroids, Meteors and comets.

This book is a great mix of what youngsters want and things parents look for in a book and Sphulling is successful in presenting it in a Manga Style comic book.    

Questrons: The Web Riders is available on Kindle and Nook at,

Also the print version of the book is available on Createspace.

The review copies of the book are available upon request. Please direct inquires to: info(at)sphulling(dot)com

About Sphulling Arts
Sphulling Arts is Atlanta, GA based Animation Studio. It specializes in production of short animated stories focused on education and learning.
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