Summer 2011 US Open Martial Arts Challenge

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The US Open International Martial Arts Championship & LIU International Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute present SUMMER 2011 US Open Challenge open to all martial arts styles: Sanda/Sanshou/MMA TKD/Karate/Muay Thai. It will be held at Denton Gym, 3800 Pleasant Valley Road Mobile, Al 36609 on August 20, 2011.

The Summer 2011 US Open Martial Arts Challenge tournament will be held in Denton Gym on 3800 Pleasant Valley Road Mobile, Al 36609 on August 20, 2011. This US Open Challenge welcomes martial arts fighters of any styles, including Sanda, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Muay Thai, and MMA, giving fighters in all martial arts an opportunity to test his/her skills and combat abilities on an equal ground.

The Open Challenge tournament preliminary fights will start at 12:00 PM, and the final tournament will start at 7:00 PM until all fights are completed.

Registration, and weigh-in starts Friday, August 19, 2011 at 1:00pm – 8:00pm. All fighters will complete their weight and medicals by 10:00 a.m. Saturday, August 20, 2011. Tournament schedule is listed as following:

Saturday August 20, 2011:
8:00am-10:00am     Fighters Registration, Weigh-in, Medicals
9:30am – 11:30am     Martial Arts Skills Demonstrations (non-combat)
12:00pm – 6:00pm     Preliminary Matches
6:30pm – 7:00pm    Break – Martial Arts Skills Demos
7:00pm - 10:00pm    Final Matches

Winner for each weight category in preliminary fights will fight for final major 3 weight classes in A division: Heavy Weight, Middle Weight and Light Weight. Final three winners in light weight, middle weight and heavy weight will come out in A division. Each winner will be awarded $300.00 in cash as scholarship. The best fighter of the night will be awarded with extra bonus.
There will be various prizes, medals and memorabilia and for other different divisions.

There are 3 major US Open fighting divisions beside light contacts.

A: Advanced Division;
B: Beginner Division;
N: Novice Division

The tournament committee shall reserve the right to give any fighter a fighting test to determine their correct division for safety before we allow him/her to fight. All Rules and regulations shall be available on or

This year the US Open International Martial Arts Championship Committee is truly opening its doors to all martial arts styles, including the newly developing MMA class of fighting system. This tournament uses the combined rules and regulations of international Sanshou/Sanda and MMA, which includes kicks, strikes, intercepts, grapples and throws; and also includes wearing appropriate head and body protection and standard MMA (for A division) and boxing gloves . Certain modifications may be made by the Tournament Committee to allow for other martial arts styles to be included in this year’s tournament. These modifications will be available through our websites and our Contact Representatives.

Since 1994, The US Open International Martial Arts Championship has had many world class matches. Several international fighting superstars started their careers participating in the US Open International Martial Arts Championships. Additionally, the United States National Sanshou Team has been represented by fighter and coaches who have been participants with this event throughout its history.

International teams from four continents have participated in the US Open International Martial Arts Championships. These include the south Africa Sanshou Team, and the Egyptian team. European teams from Italy and Holland have participated. From Asia the tournament has seen the China Special Police team and China National Team. And from Central and South America participations has included the Brazilian Sanshou Team, Argentina Sanshou and Mexican Sanshou team.

US Open International Martial Arts Championship has had presented many world class fighters:
MMA Champion World Sanshou Bronze medalist Cung Le, who started his Sanshou career in Alabama, has won three US Open International Champion titles.

UFC fighter & World Sanshou Silver Medalist, Patrick Barry has won three times US Open-K. Superstar US and world champion titles.

UFC fighter Melvin Guilard won silver medal in 2003 US Open national team trial and the 2004 US Open International Martial Arts Championship title in light weight.

Sanda King, first Sanshou/Sanda World Cup Champion Li Jie won the 2004 US Open International Martial Arts Championship-K. Superstar professional main event title by defeating UFC fighter Rich Clementi.

Wael Karika Muhammed World Sanshou Champion, Africa Sanshou Champion and undefeated MMA Champion won 2007 US Open International Sanshou Champion.

Edwardo Fujihira World Sanshou Champion & Brazil Sanshou Champion won 2003 K. Superstar International Champion Title in US Open International-Art of War professional Sanshou fights;

K. J. Noon International Sanshou & MMA Champion fighter won twice international K. Superstar professional titles at the battle of Arts of War in the US Open International Sanshou division.

The Art of War Professional Sanshou main events have produced many US and International level fighters in the US Open International Sanshou main champion matches:

Aaron Honeycutt world Sanshou Bronze medalist & US Sanshou champion,
Rudi Ott US Sanshou team member & US Sanshou Champion,
Al Lorieux, US Sanshou team member, World Sanshou Silver Medalist and US Sanshou Champion,
Marvin Parry International Sanshou Champion,
Albert Pope World Sanshou Beonze Medalist,
David Sanders international Sanshou Silver medalist & US Sanshou Champion,
Robert Pritchett International & US Sanshou Champion
Thomas Diagne European Sanshou Champion
Scott Sheeley MMA fighter & US Sanshou Champion,
Sally Krumdiack MMA & Muay Thai fighter,
Ruslan Adryuschenko Earopean Sanshou Champion & Russia Sanshou Champion,
Andre Assis Brazil Sanshou Champion,
Russell Middleton US Sanshou team member, International Sanshou Champion and US Sanshou Champion,
Jose E. Palacios US Sanshou Champion,
James Cooper US Sanshou team member, International Sanshou Champion and US Sanshou Champion,
Max Chen US Sanshou team member, International Sanshou Champion & US Sanshou Champion,
John Dixon MMA, International Kickboxing & Sanshou Champion fighter
Frederico Capasso Venezuela Sanshou Champion, just list some.

Many other well known US & International Sanshou, Muay Thai and MMA fighters and martial arts coaches have fought or participated in the US Open International Sanshou:
Jason Yee World Sanshou Bronze Medalist, US Sanshou Champion & one of the US Sanshou coaches,
MMA and Sanshou fighter and coach Mike Altman,
US Sanshou fighter & Coach Brent Hamby,
US Sanshou Champion and MMA Fighter Scott Sheeley,
European Sanshou and Muay Thai kickboxing Champion Paul Gurevidius,
MMA and Muay Thai Champion from Africa Patrick Mandio,
UFC fighter Rich Clementi, Shidokan Open Champion and MMA fighter, Jeral Bowman,
Holland Sanshou Champion Danny Hoyer,
US Sanhou Champion Josh Bartholomew,
US Sanshou Champion Gelet Luc,
US Muay Thai Champion Steve Dang

Many of our local US MMA or Muay Thai fighters have also fought at the US Open either as professional or amateur Sanshou Fighters:
MMA & Sanshou champion fighter Van Do Milnes,
MMA fighters Kevin Brooks,
Southest Professional Muay Thai kickboxing Champion Marshall Burger,
MMA fighter Johnathan Ivey,
MMA and Sanshou Champion Chris Overby,
MMS fighters Johnathan Bradley, Steve Forbes, Larry Jackson, Mark Elefane, Harris Norwood, Travis Schlee, Raimundo Nunes, Mindacgas Vaitekunas, Steve Headden, Morrison Buttler, Maria Barnes.

Some of the well known promoters and judges have always given their fullest support to the US Open for decades such as Jeff Bolt, Mike Barry, Gary Utterback, Tai Yim, Lily Lau, Nick Scrima, Denise Brown, Garland Johnson...

For further information to enter the tournament as a fighter or purchase tickets as a spectator, contact the LIU International at (770) 286-9808 or 251-662-3225 or shaolininstitutega(at)yahoo(dot)com or visit or


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