Symmetry Math LLC Announces a Major Math Discovery (-) (-) = (+) is incorrect; A negative times a negative is equal to a positive is incorrect

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The illogical uses of dashes (-) and crosses (+) in current Bi-Lateral Broken symmetry math has been discovered. Symmetry Math LLC is annoucing Symmetry Math to correct these errors.

Symmetry math removes absolute values, imaginary numbers, negative and positive numbers and math equations solved using the distributive law with a dash sign (-) in the equation.

Symmetry math shows the math errors in (to name just a few subjects):

  •     Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.
  •     Schroedinger’s equation.
  •     Quantum mechanics.
  •     Thermodynamic chemistry.

Dr. Lee Smolin, one of the inventors of string theory, in his book, "The Trouble With Physics" states, "I believe there is something basic we are all missing, some wrong assumption we are all making. If this is so, then we need to isolate the wrong assumption and replace it with a new idea."

Joseph A. Rybczyk state,"If our understanding of fundamental principles is incorrect, then any extrapolation of that understanding will induce further misunderstanding."

Symmetry Math corrects the math errors of the basic number line and math developed in 1637 by René Descartes.


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