SinusWars invokes the power of hundred year old broken oyster shells and provides hope for millions of nasal polyp sufferers out there

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SinusWars13, the alternative to surgery

“Annihilate the invasiveness and intrusion of nasal polyps with SinusWars13”

Millions of people are suffering with nasal polyps. The time, money and energy that go into trying to cure them could come to a final end with SinusWars13. Surgery is often needed especially if the polyps are blocking the airways, causing congestion or recurrent sinusitis.

Going for nasal surgery can put a person at risk of damaging the olfactory nerve, which could cause a loss of smell and taste. With all these risks it can be extremely frustrating to have nasal polyps grow back a few months after surgery. Treatment is needed that not only shrinks polyps but prevents their recurrence. That treatment exists in SinusWars13. This remedy targets the symptoms as well as cutting off the nutrient supply to the polyps which inevitably causes them to shrink and fall out of the nose.

The combination of homeopathic ingredients within this remedy, all target nasal polyps. One particular ingredient worth mentioning is Calcarea Carbonica.

This is made from hundred year old broken oyster shells and is also known as Carbonate of Lime. The healing power of the ocean seems to have been imparted into this oyster shell. SinusWars uses three variants of Calcarea Carbonica, an extensively proven ingredient that has a marked effect on nasal polyps. This combined with the other ingredients results in one of the best nasal polyp remedy’s out there.

Amongst its popular growing reputation and excellent reviews, this product doesn’t just work, it works really well.
Nasal polyps are invasive and extremely intrusive and now there is a product that can help. SinusWars13 with all the 8 ingredients that make it up treats the following:

  •     Reduces the size of current polyps
  •     Prevents the recurrence of polyps
  •     Nose bleeds associated with polyps
  •     Reduces swelling and thickness of nasal polyps
  •     Pain caused by nasal polyps
  •     Alleviates mouth breathing

Nasal polyps can be stubborn, especially if someone has had them for many years. In most cases customers will only be able to feel or see the results in the sixth week of using the product. But it is worth the wait knowing that their recurrence will be hampered and the blockage will be cleared completely.
SinusWars is so pleased with SinusWars13 that they have doubled the production to meet with future demand.

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Treveshen Padayachee (CEO)


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