Dairy Farmers Turn to Bio-Forge to Enhance Alfalfa Production and Quality

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Bio-Forge is a bright spot in the challenging dairy industry. Simple foliar application enhance forage yields and nutritional value...allowing dairy farmers to benefit with enhanced milk production and herd health.

Roger Buresh inspects Bio-Forge treated alfalfa

" two things you notice immediately with the Bio-Forge treated alfalfa...more and larger leaves. That means more and better quality feed for my cattle."

Adversity and cash flow challenges are no strangers to the American Dairy Farmer. Still recovering from two of the worst years (2008-2009) in dairy, most farmers are in a constant search for changes that can improve their operations—if not dramatically at least incrementally.

One of the bright spots in dairy production is Stoller’s Bio-Forge. A proven yield enhancer in the fruit & vegetable crops, and more recently in the row crops, Bio-Forge is having a positive impact on alfalfa fields too.

Initial field trials conducted by several Midwest farmers showed noticeably healthier stands that endure dry spells with surprising success. For optimal results farmers are using a foliar application of Bio-Forge immediately after each cutting. Some are applying Bio-Forge alone while others are combining it with pesticide applications as conditions demand. Farmers indicate it is a key component to their total forage management program.

Ron Voss of Voss Dairy Farms in Burlington Wisconsin explained that after two years of using Bio-Forge and a program that includes Stoller’s plant performance products, they like what they’ve seen. Voss family farms’ herd health and production have never been better. “We are doing lots of things to enhance our feed…Bio-Forge is just one of them. We like what we are seeing. It’s not unusual for us to get five cuttings, rather than four, with the better alfalfa stand.” Voss also credits Bio-forge for the improved digestibility of the alfalfa…which translates directly into more pounds of milk.

Roger Buresh a fourth generation dairy farmer at Buresh Farms llc located in Luxemburg Wisconsin started using Stoller’s Bio-Forge in 2010. Milking approximately 600 cows, Buresh Farms manages over 1100 acres to support the feed needs of the herd. Bio-Forge was sprayed after each cutting on the 400 acres of alfalfa. “When you walked through the stand there were two things you noticed immediately—the plants had larger leaves and they had leaves going all the way up and down the stem—not just at the top of the plant. More leaves mean more protein and that means more milk,” explained Buresh. In fact, they’ve tweaked their rations because of the higher quality—allowing them to save some money.

While Buresh has not done a conclusive nutritional analysis of the feed, he feels the improved quality has directly impacted their herd health and increased milk production.
This season they’ve decided to incorporate Bio-Forge into their corn crop management in hopes of further enhancing feed quality.

An unanticipated side benefit experienced by the Buresh Farms is the growing business in forage sales. With a program of Stoller products, including Bio-Forge, they are able to produce more than enough quality feed for themselves. And because of it’s higher quality, the Buresh haylage has become a hot commodity with neighboring dairy farms.

Don Stork, Agronomy expert and Stoller District Representative shared, “It’s important to consider all the factors that impact a farmer’s alfalfa…the soil chemistry, typical weather conditions and crop management style…to develop a program that will maximize the farmer’s bang for his buck. Stoller’s Bio-Forge is unique in that it acts as a catalyst and puts the alfalfa in a high vigor mode, plus it has positive nutritional impact that you can see in the herd.”

Dairy farmers—locked between the rising input costs of fuel and fertilizer and the static or declining milk prices—view Bio-Forge and Stoller Technology as a cost effective way to squeeze some profitability potential by managing their feed.

StollerUSA is dedicated to helping producers enhance yields by maximizing genetic expression. The result is enhanced marketable yield, improved return-on-investment and improved tolerance to disease and other stress. Only Stoller products contain Stoller’s proprietary technology that is proven to ensure optimum plant growth by maintaining appropriate hormone balance in combination with supporting nutrients. Validated by Universities nationwide, Stoller’s unique formulations result in healthier, more productive crops that are better able to withstand stress and achieve their full genetic potential.

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Celebrating 40 years in agribusiness, StollerUSA markets a full line of products to help farmers increase crop yield and quality. StollerUSA, headquartered in Houston, is actively engaged in basic and practical research to enhance crop productivity in more than 50 countries.


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