World Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES) Announces its Conference

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Scholars to attend a WAVES Conference to discuss Varna, Jati and Kula (Caste)

This conference is but a first step to consolidate the dialog on the key topic of Varna, Jati and Kula.

WAVES is an academic forum for scholarly activities pertaining to Vedic studies and dissemination of Vedic knowledge. Formed in 1997, WAVES is gearing up for its upcoming conference on Varna, Jati and Kula, collectively referred to as Caste. The conference dates are July 29-31.

The conference will feature presentations from Dr. Pranav Pandya (Head, All World Gayatri Pariwar), Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Swami Tattvavidananda, Swami Jyotirmayananda, Jeffrey Armstrong, Stephen Knapp, Rajiv Malhotra, Dr. Madan Lal Goel, Dr. M.G. Prasad, Dr. R. Vaidyanathan, Dr. Bal Ram Singh, Dr. Abhay Saxena, Dr. Lal Jadu Singh, Professor Ved Nanda, Dr. Shashi Tiwari, among many others.

“We felt it was necessary to provide a platform for academics, scholars, community leaders, practitioners and Spiritual leaders to participate in a dialog on this important and often misunderstood topic,” said the Conference Co-Chair Ravi Joshi of Ohio. The conference participants are from many parts of the world and will bring diverse views on this topic, which many feel has been misrepresented – both from insiders and outsiders to Hinduism.

“This conference is but a first step to consolidate the dialog on the key topic of Varna, Jati and Kula. We hope that this conference lays a foundation for the synthesis of a definitive policy paper that addresses the perceived and real issues and their misrepresentation by those who either do not understand the system, or want to spin it for maligning Hinduism,” says Sanjay Saxena, a resident of Boston and a key member of the Gayatri Pariwar. The hope is that a thorough discussion will lead to a better understanding of the positive aspects of this tradition within Hinduism, and will provide practical recommendations that gain consensus from a broad variety of Hindu leaders, practitioners and scholars. This will ensure that any misuse of this tradition resulting in discriminatory practices is discouraged and eventually eliminated.

When asked about the expected outcome of the conference, Dr. Bal Ram Singh, a long time scholar and officer of WAVES said, “After an in-depth discussion by panels comprising of youth, religious leaders, scholars, and the scholarly presentations by interested groups, a policy paper will be arrived at.”

The organizers are confident that with the participation of a diverse group of presenters, the conference will facilitate meaningful discussions on this topic, and thus contribute to furthering of knowledge and understanding of this important topic.

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