Kerala Ayurveda Academy Offers Individual Classes on Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, Herbology, Ayurvedic Massage. Offering Full Time Certified and Masters programs in Ayurveda.

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Enhance health through the use of natural herbs, oils and spices. Learn natural nutrition, digestion, meditation, yoga therapy, massage, and much more :)

Ayurveda, the science (Veda) of life (Ayus), is a part of the world's oldest and most well-documented comprehensive health care system. According to Ayurveda, harmony at the level of the Body, Mind and Spirit is true health. Ayurveda emphasizes the individual rather than a disease. The concept of body constitution distinguishes Ayurveda from many other healing sciences.

Ayurvedic science is aimed at the preservation of health and prevention of disease by establishing balance and harmony through nutrition, herbs, meditation, and daily routines. Ayurvedic science provides knowledge to unfold the reality beyond the physical body and achieve harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit. The World Health Organization recognizes Ayurveda as a complete natural health care system.

There is a unique opportunity in this day and age to lead successful lives by assisting family, friends and clients in creating healthier bodies and lifestyles, thus eventually lowering health care costs.

Kerala Ayurveda Students are typically:

  •      Licensed health care practitioners utilize their Ayurvedic knowledge to enhance their current practice.
  •      Massage therapists and body workers open Panchakarma centers.
  •      Students interested in health and beauty start Ayurvedic spas, beauty centers, and wellness centers.
  •      Freelance writers start Ayurvedic publications.
  •      Research savvy students get involved in Ayurvedic research projects.
  •      Business entrepreneurs develop Ayurvedic herbal products, food packages, and even Ayurvedic cosmetics.
  •      Students in academics get into teaching or deepen their education, pursuing more in-depth studies.

Kerala Ayurveda Academy is the first institute in the US to provide authentic Ayurvedic programs throughout the country. We currently offer classroom programs in the states of California and Washington and online programs for the distant learner. In Distance learning a student may access their classes and study material at any time from the comfort of their home.

The Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program:

In this year-long program students will learn unique Ayurvedic concepts such as the vedic philosophy of universal evolution, the Tridoshas (natural energies), Dhatus (Tissues), the Mind-Body connection, Ayurvedic nutrition incorporating the six tastes, daily and seasonal routines, Ayurvedic client evaluations, special bodywork techniques and home remedies. This program is offered in class in the Spring and Fall and at any time through our E-learning system.

Upon completion, graduates will be able to focus on wellness and the prevention of disease. They will be able to analyze and determine their own unique Body Constitution and teach and provide counseling on the topics such as Ayurvedic nutrition, daily and seasonal routines, Meditation and Pranayama, Yoga postures, specialized oil therapies and the efficacy and value of using spices and home remedies for simple ailments.

Ayurveda’s emphasis on diet and lifestyle can have a profoundly positive impact for those who practice this wisdom.

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