Costa Rica’s First Pole-Dancing Retreat – Anamaya is Creating Unique Ways to Promote Health and Fitness

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Health and Wellness Retreats are growing in popularity and the owners at Anamaya Retreat Center in Costa Rica have come up with some fun and flirty ways to get fit. Their very first Pole Dancing retreat will take place this November and it is sure to be one of their most popular retreats to date. Anamaya has a number of unique retreats and offer something for everyone. With more and more people looking for vacations that increase their quality of life, Anamaya is certainly filling a void.

Anamaya Resort & Retreat Center

While Anamaya is putting themselves on the map for offering unique and eclectic types of also hosts a number of different Detox Retreats to help lose weight, purify the body and reduce stress.

Costa Rica is a hotbed for yoga and surfing retreats, but Anamaya Resort and Retreat center in Montezuma is breaking new ground by hosting a number of very interesting and unique retreats. One of the latest in their line-up is called the Flirty Girl Fitness Retreat. It includes daily pole-dancing lessons as well as additional dancing classes that include chair dance, burlesque, and something called video vixen. In addition to all of these sexy, sweaty workouts the retreat includes morning yoga sessions and a “Booty Beat Certification.” Booty Beat is a popular cardio dance class, and after this 7-day retreat the students will receive a Flirty Girl Fitness Booty Beat instructor certification and be able to teach this fun new workout back at home. This Pole Dancing and Yoga Retreat takes place in November of 2011 and will probably be the first of many considering the popularity of pole-dancing as a form of exercise.

In addition to the Flirty Girl Fitness Retreat, Anamaya is host to an extensive list of retreats. Also new to their schedule this year is a Yoga and Indian Dance Retreat. This special retreat practices Shakti Yoga, Temple Goddess Workouts and Odissi Dance. It promises to slim down, tone up and feel amazing. Surf Retreats are also very popular in Costa Rica and in places like Montezuma and nearby Malpais, surfing is truly a way of life. Anamaya currently has two surfing retreats to choose from. The first one is available this year from August 6-13 and is called the Surf, Embodiment and Empowerment Retreat. The focus of this retreat is to examine the love and passion for surfing and how it can empower and improve daily life. It sounds very intriguing and unlike most surfing related programs. The primary Surf Retreat offered by Anamaya caters to beginners and virtuosos alike, and is a great combination of surfing and yoga. It is called the Soul Surfer Retreat and runs quite frequently throughout the year. Detox Retreats are also very popular and most clients escape to exotic destinations for these types of getaways. While Anamaya is putting themselves on the map for offering unique and eclectic types of programs that focus on physical exercise, it also hosts a number of different Detox Retreats that help to lose weight, purify the body and reduce stress.

Health and wellness vacations are increasing in popularity, especially in Costa Rica, and even though Zumba Retreats and Pole-Dancing Retreats seem to be more dedicated to the “vacation” aspect of traveling rather than the focus on “health”, in reality they are symbiotic. Health retreats come in all shapes and sizes so there is definitely something for everyone. Another aspect to the appeal of wellness retreats is the power in being with like-minded people. The energy of participating in a retreat with a group of people who are looking for similar experiences offers is an important added benefit.

So if someone is looking to lose weight, practice yoga in paradise, learn how to surf, become a Booty Beat instructor, or have a life changing adventure then it is worth having a look at all the various retreats that Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center have to offer. There truly is something for everyone.

Kelsey Matheson-McCord
Vice President/Co-Owner
Anamaya Resort & Retreat Center

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