TutoringServiceReviews.com Lets Customers Share Feedback on Local Tutors

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TutoringServiceReviews.com is a consumer review site where parents and students can submit reviews of local tutoring services they have employed. Users can search the site’s database for the name of a particular service or browse a list of tutoring services in a specific city.

Parents don’t want to read reviews from an ‘expert,’ but from other parents who value the same things in a tutoring service

A quality education can cost a lot of money, and adding a tutoring service on top of regular academic fees and tuition often seems like a major investment. Parents are eager to spring for these additional services if they feel their kids really need it, yet they do so with some minor apprehensions sometimes. This is because a tutoring service is a business like any other, and parents are right in wanting to know exactly what they are paying for, and whether it is the best value. A new website, called TutoringServiceReviews.com, allows parents to make these decisions in as informed a matter as possible, and also to share their own feedback and personal testimonies to help other parents in the area.

The service was created by Jason Kay, who notes that TutoringServiceReviews.com fills a long-vacant gap for consumers. “Tutoring services are becoming more and more commonplace,” says Kay, “and yet it is not always easy to find information about the quality of their services. Picking the right tutoring service for kids is such an important thing for parents. This site provides them with a way to hear what other parents think, and to offer their own feedback on tutoring services they have used.”

TutoringServiceReviews.com is an entirely consumer-driven site, with reviews coming from different consumers. A user can search for the name of a specific tutoring service or browse tutoring services listed by city. Reviews can be submitted to the site for other parents to read and benefit from. Kay observes that putting the power in the hands of the consumer is what makes the site effective. “Parents don’t want to read reviews from an ‘expert,’ but from other parents who value the same things in a tutoring service.”

According to Kay, the purpose of the site is ultimately to help consumers make more informed decisions. “There are online reviews available for countless products and services,” he says, “and a tutoring service should be no different. Parents want to hire a tutor who is going to work well with their kids and get results. They want to make good use of their money, and of their and their kids’ time.”

TutoringServiceReviews.com does offer a few professional resources beyond its customer reviews. The site features a database of informative articles meant to assist parents in choosing a good tutoring service. The articles detail what parents might look for in a tutoring service, and how they can evaluate its value.

Kay encourages site users to peruse these articles, but also to submit content of their own. “The site is really meant to be a place where parents can share their experiences. Whether the tutoring services a parent has hired are really great or really lacking, sharing that experience with others can help them make better decisions and get the best tutors possible for their own kids.”


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