RightView Pro Presents Tips on Becoming a Great Hitter in Baseball and in Softball

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RightView Pro gives expert advice on becoming a great hitter. Including 3 secrets of the gretest hitters in the game of baseball today.

Attributes Of Great Hitters

The Toe Touch/Ready position It is where all great hitters will look virtually the same.

RightView Pro, a motion analysis software company for baseball and softball, hitting & pitching, has released tips to help their audience understand the secrets of the greatest hitters. Their experts believe that what sets great hitters apart is their ability to adjust to speeds and locations better than anyone else. Simply put, world class players like Alex Rodriguez, Jessica Mendoza, Albert Pujols, Ichiro Suzuki and Natasha Watley can cover a wider variety pitches from a wider variety of pitchers. They accomplish this with both mental and physical adjustments. They possess not only great mechanics but a deep database and a solid approach for any given situation.    

According to Don Slaught, founder and president of RightView Pro, “It’s not what you do differently from Albert Pujols and Jessica Mendoza; it’s what do you do differently from all of the best hitters in the game.” The mechanics of the swing are what enable hitters to make efficient physical adjustments to the pitch. It is really the muscle memory that’s refined and trained through drills and playing the game. This is where coaches can have the biggest impact on their hitters. If coaches can get their hitters to prepare to swing properly or get them to a good hitting position, ready to swing the bat with proper timing, the majority of the coach’s job is done. A good Toe Touch/Ready Position is the point where the hitter can actually start swinging the bat, while in a position that enables the hitter to efficiently adjust to different speeds and locations. The Toe Touch/Ready Position is the key. It is where all great hitters will look virtually the same, because there is an efficient way to swing the bat and adjust to all areas of the strike zone. This position is easily definable when comparing all of the best hitters in the game.

According to RightView Pro’s “Instruction Player for Baseball Hitting”; if any of these key principles are missing it will directly affect how well hitters can adjust. The next step is to get the hitter to start their swing correctly. The first part of the swing is very important because the hitter needs to maintain the ability to either stop their swing or adjust to any location further into the process. The first part of the swing should always be the same and will actually start slowly, accelerating as the bat enters the strike zone very similar to the way a ball is thrown. When throwing or hitting a ball, the hands don’t start at 100 mph, rather it’s the back elbow that starts the throwing or hitting motion. The back elbow starts the throttle and rotates the shoulders until the arm reaches a catapult position and then the hand and ball will accelerate.    Once the swing goes into the ballistic part of the motion the coach has very little influence on correcting any flaws. It is like trying to teach a release point to a pitcher. It is best done with trial and error rather than any coaching cues.

Achieving consistency in mechanics and timing is the key component for success at every level. By establishing a consistent ready position, the hitter now has a foundation to build a deep database and a solid approach.

About RightView Pro

RightView Pro was founded by former Major League Baseball Player, Don Slaught. Slaught's vision was to create a tool where kids and coaches could communicate and easily identify flaws in the swing and pitching motion. He felt strongly, that the only way to do this was with models of Major League Baseball players and professional softball players. Don went to Major League Baseball Players Association and eventually MLB and in the end..., they agreed that this would be a great teaching aid for players and coaches at all levels.

Today, RightView Pro is the only video analysis software company licensed by MLB, MLB Player's Association and the National Pro Fastpitch League.

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