iAgeSmart Launches New Multivitamin to Fight Against Aging with Nine Special Ingredients

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Launch of New Website Expected to Help People Everywhere with a uniquely formulated Multivitamin that will supply the right nutrients to areas that are most affected by Aging like the Heart and Brain, as well as Help Cells retain their Youthful Qualities to Help Fight Diseases.

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I wanted one pill that I could take that was a blend of different nutrients. One that was specifically geared towards aging healthier and reducing the risk of developing nasty cancers or diseases.

What began with a heartfelt conversation with her mother about her father’s health has led to the creation of a multivitamin that can take the place of nine separate vitamins and serve as a potent weapon in the war against aging and age-related disease.

iAgeSmart, a multivitamin featuring nine powerful antioxidants -- rosemary extract; green tea extract (EGCG); CoQ10 enzyme; an OPC blend of grape seed, grape skin, and pine bark; turmeric; alpha lipoid acid; astaxanthin; gotu kola extract; and N-acetyl cysteine -- is now available for those who believe prevention is better than cure.

“The doctors told your dad he has prostate cancer.”

Those were the words that spurred iAgeSmart creator Jessica Williams into action. As she said, “When my dad started radiation, it was a wakeup call for me. I began a journey to find a way of healthy aging.”

Her purpose was twofold: To help her father and to find a way to aid preventative care to help her and others avoid future serious illnesses.

After researching the nutrition industry, talking to industry experts and even trying different vitamins that were already on the market over a span of five years, Jessica still didn’t find a single company that was specifically targeted to the aging market. There were very few products that offered a comprehensive listing of ingredients that promoted both healthy daily intakes while reducing the risk of developing cancers or other diseases. At least, none that were effective or to her liking. This surprising revelation led her to the decision to simply create her own multivitamin that combined all of the essential antioxidants that people need – not only to maintain good health but to become proactive – and to lessen the likeliness of known diseases.

“I wanted one pill that I could take that was a blend of different nutrients,” she said. “It would supply the right nutrients to areas that are most affected by aging like the heart and brain, as well help cells retain their youthful qualities to help fight diseases.”

iAgeSmart’s specifically selected nutrients that help turn on genes that promote the body’s ability to fight against heart disease, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, cancer and others.* Although it is not officially marketed as an anti-aging product, the multivitamin is a ‘healthy aging’ vitamin that enhances the body’s natural aging process instead of merely medicating or masking the issues.

The multivitamin capsules are based on the field of study known as nutrigenomics, which studies how nutrition affects gene expression and how certain nutrients can turn on genes that block diseases and turn off the genes that cause accelerated aging.

One of the main points of this iAgeSmart campaign is to help people realize that their health is in their hands and nobody else’s. We all have an opportunity to age healthier, and that starts with proper nutrition and supplementation.

The introduction of iAgeSmart is accompanied by a free shipping offer (USPS priority mail in two or three days) for all buyers of at least one $39.99 bottle of 30 vegetarian capsules packed with nine antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals, which are unsteady oxygen molecules that injure cells, tissue and DNA.

Specifically, the iAgeSmart capsules reduce plaque buildup in the heart, keep skin youthful, protect brain cells and guard against the loss of cognitive functions, relieve computer eye strain, increase muscle endurance and recovery, and support the body’s natural energy production.*

Sales of iAgeSmart capsules will also benefit Vitamin Angels, an organization that helps reduce child mortality worldwide by connecting children and infants with essential nutrients. Each bottle purchased will fund nutritional support for four children in need for one full year.

The corporate video, is now available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISVC5BPXYcE. For more information, or to purchase a bottle of iAgeSmart capsules, go online to the company web site at iagesmart.com. If you wish to interview Jessica Williams in person or to ask any questions, please email her at: info(at)iagesmart(dot)com.

  • These statements have not yet been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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