CrownRing Adds Black Cobalt Rings to their High Quality Line of Wedding Jewelry

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CrownRing, a Canadian based manufacturer of wedding jewelry for men and women, proudly announce that they are the first company to design and fabricate DLC coated black cobalt wedding rings

CrownRing, a Canadian based manufacturer of wedding jewelry for men and women, proudly announce that they are the first and only company to design and manufacture DLC coated black cobalt wedding rings. What makes these rings so special? The “Diamond-like Carbon” coating (DLC) says it all. No other black cobalt finish can compete with its durability and scratch resistant surface.

The reason CrownRing did not previously use “blackened cobalt” in its collections, despite the fact that other manufacturers of wedding rings were already responding to the developing trend, is that the light PVD coating being applied did not measure up to their standards of quality. The CrownRing collections are offered in many alternate metals; they use only the highest quality of materials and the latest technology in machining equipment. Although black cobalt or black cobalt accented rings would have added a modern and appealing look to their line, it was not until the new process became available that the company introduced it into its latest designs.

This coating was originally developed as a tough and premium coating for tools. The aerospace and medical fields were the first to take advantage of the black cobalt. These are industries where only the very best tried and true materials can be employed and only few of these companies succeeded in using it. It was not long before other remote fields of manufacturing saw the application advantages of the coating. Rolex and Cartier, creators of iconic high-end time pieces, introduced newly designed lines of watches with DLC coating to great fanfare. The public loved the “look” and its trend.

CrownRing has produced gold and platinum engagement and wedding rings for men and women for over a decade. This alternate metal has a shine that exceeds even these precious metals at a fraction of the price. After years of gold and platinum reigning as the standard metals for engagement and wedding rings, the buying public sometimes found the lighter (Titanium) or very much heavier (Tungsten) new wedding rings to be less comfortable. Cobalt chrome, just like Baby Bear’s bed, was just right.

Also, while the different colors appeal to many, white gold and platinum still hold their popularity, especially when used as mountings for diamond engagement rings. But they have become exceptionally expensive.

“With the rising popularity of alternative metals, it is obvious that a cost-effective substitute for platinum or gold has incredible potential for success. The fact that cobalt presents a color and look comparable to these metals while also providing durability that goes beyond any precious metal make it a very attractive option.”

Introducing Black Cobalt into the mix provided CrownRing’s designers new avenues to explore.

“…the use of black and white cobalt has allowed us to push the boundaries of alternative metal design far beyond industry standards in terms of both quality and creativity. “

Cobalt, with or without the DLC coating, is a hard and durable metal that is equaled only by diamonds in strength. Due to those physical properties, the rings are resistant to scratches, dents, and chipping, but the metal can also be difficult to work with at the manufacturing level. However, the CrownRing facilities are equipped with precision and cutting-edge equipment that can handle the challenges of fabrication presented by this material.

“Our facilities are equipped with the most innovative and technologically advanced machines found in the manufacturing business today, allowing us to create styles for every taste without compromising an ounce of quality. We guarantee that every one of our black cobalt rings feature DLC coating is every bit as durable and unrelenting as the same coating used by the military and aerospace industry throughout the world.”

As do all the pieces in the CrownRing collections, the black (and white) cobalt wedding rings are 100% hypoallergenic, and guaranteed for life. If your cobalt ring needs to be resized, the client needs only to return it and they will replace it with a new ring in the appropriate size. Their rings are designed for comfort fit, for the life of the ring.

“Innovation” and “Quality,” those are the words that describe best the goal CrownRing always keeps in sight. They have established a solid reputation as designers and manufacturers of high quality wedding jewelry, including promise, engagement, wedding, anniversary and eternity rings. They are savvy to market trends, and always ensure that they are part of the vanguard of new industry developments.

“Technological advancement is the first step towards changing perceptions in this industry, and we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the CrownRing is at the forefront of innovation in alternative metals.”


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