SEO Specialist Reveals London Cab Adverts Sold out for Olympics

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Many types of outdoor advertising are getting an increased popularity for the upcoming London Olympics next year. Discover how marketing experts bought up all media space to get maximum exposure one year before the Olympic games are starting.

SEO specialist taxi advertising

Sample of SEO Specialist's Taxi advertising

“Taxi advertising companies charge a rather low fee for amazing brand exposure, compared to other outdoor advertising opportunities”, says Markus Jalmerot, founder of SEO Specialist.

Most advertisements on London Cabs for the 2012 London Olympics has already sold out, SEO Specialist report.

It appears that taxi adverts are the most popular outdoor advertising in the coming year, ahead of the 2012 Summer Olympics taking place in the British capital. Roadside outdoor advertising and bus advertising on the other hand seems to be the least popular advertising types and there is still plenty of space available for the summer Olympic Games.

Why is most London taxi advertising already sold out?
London black cabs are iconic for the city and it has been recognized as a highly popular advertising channel for quite some time now. London cabs are everywhere in the city, and their unique shape makes it hard to miss them. London taxis are both trustworthy and hugely recognisable.

Both Mega sides which covers the entire side of the taxi and Full Liveries, the fully branded taxis, are now sold out for London 2012 Olympics.

How much do cab advertising cost?
Advertising on taxis cost between £1800-5000 a year depending on creative requirements, advertising format, extra profiling and amount of how many taxis covered. “Taxi advertising companies charge a rather low fee for amazing brand exposure, compared to other outdoor advertising opportunities,” says Markus Jalmerot, founder of SEO Specialist.

Tip up seat panels and branded receipts are among the extras available, while advertising on the outside of taxis from the doors and down is the most popular format.

How can bus advertising be so much less popular than taxi adverts?
Buses are considered a cheap form of transport and many brands don’t want to be associated with this medium. People using buses as their main form of transport are usually not as influential as black cab passengers. There are also less buses allowing full branding of the entire vehicle, compared to taxis.

SEO Specialist buys taxi advertising space
Our SEO Specialists decided it could be a great opportunity to be found on London city taxis, Heathrow airport taxis and other popular destination during the 2012 Olympics in London.

After finding out that all full coverage taxi advertising options is sold out, SEO Specialist decided to go ahead with a 9-month Mega side cab advert instead. The other taxi advert option is to go with smaller advertising formats, so called Super sides. This advertising format covers branding from the doors and down. “SEO Specialist are proud to be featured on London black cabs, the iconic and world renowned vehicles found everywhere in central London”. Starting with adverts on two cabs is a way to compare the most popular outdoor advertising channel can compete with website optimisation. SEO Specialist’s belief is that website optimisation will bring more customers than taxi adverts, but let’s come back in 9 months time and compare the results.

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