SiteTools Inc. Launches a New Search Engine Marketing Site

Share Article a new breed in search engines is launched by leading finance source site, promises to be the best solution in Internet marketing.

Search Engine Results - is preparing to take online search engines and Internet marketing to another level. The site is all set to redefine web marketing by delivering high quality search results and qualified click advertising and to the online user. At amazingly low prices and the widest reach, businesses and consumers are brought together like never before. Through target specific search results and supreme match-up capabilities, promises to increase business profits while shrinking customer acquisition costs by as much as two-thirds.

Customized Marketing Package

Clients who register with are treated to a competent marketing package at the requested budget. A marketing plan is developed and implemented by professionals, targeting specific markets through relevant forms of media. Users who are searching for defined products or services online will come across the specially designed message via qualified click advertising. It is a simple matter of harnessing the power of’s powerful search engine to make the match. With the use of the’s Marketing Dynamics system, only the relevant consumers are exposed to the business.

Wide Network and Media Partnerships owns a wide reach of content websites through vertical marketing is able to deliver the business’ message to a large yet specified audience searching through the web for distinct goods. Through qualified clicks and inquiries strategically placed across content-rich websites, businesses are able to bring their message exactly where their target audience is. ensures that their media holdings and partnerships are continuously expanding in order to reach a larger audience and target market for their advertisers. Because has a wide network of media partners, they are able to provide excellent and consistent service despite shifts in the ever-evolving market trends.

Filtered Quality Customers Only not only leads customers to the product they are searching for but refines the process so only the filtered customer is driven to the business. By budget, location, type and other distinguishing factors, the customers are filtered by a unique technology so only the relevant ones are presented to the business. The website’s rich and state of the art search engine system named MassiveDynamics™ makes the breaking down of information possible so match-ups are 100% guaranteed.

New Internet Marketing

Advertisers are assured that their ads will only show on high quality and content rich websites that are regularly and consistently visited by a large volume of consumers. Because these ads will appear in highly relevant sites on the web, the chances of consumers to click on their ads are immense. The potential for sales is dramatically increased through this specialized form of Internet marketing.


As a one-stop shop for a business’ online marketing needs, provides a high quality service to ensure only the most defined campaign to find and match businesses to consumers. From designers, professionals to copywriters and publishers, businesses only need to go to one website to have all their marketing needs met.


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