FAA Research Focuses on Need for Commercial Pilot Fitness; Core Fitness Solution Launches Fly Healthy Fitness Program

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Recent research by the FAA concludes that commercial pilots should be seriously concerned about the effects of diabetes, hypertension and coronary health on their ability to fly safely. Responding to the research, Maderia Beach, Florida-based Core Fitness Solution has started a residential fitness program focused on helping pilots adopt healthy lifestyles that will help them pass their flight physicals.

Core Fitness Solution launches Fly Healthy Fitness Program™ To help airline pilots meet requirements of flight physicals.

In response to growing research concluding that commercial airline pilots should pay closer attention to their physical fitness, Core Fitness Solution (http://www.corefitnesssolution.com) announces the launch of the Fly Healthy Fitness Program™ – a customized regimen designed to help airline pilots maintain superior levels of fitness in order to pass their flight physicals.

With more than a quarter-million licensed commercial airline pilots in the U.S., and many advancing toward the mandatory retirement age of 65, the Federal Aviation Administration has identified obesity and obesity-related health issues as topics of special focus in order to maintain the safety of the flying public.

“Like most of us, airline pilots work hard and often don’t take the steps they should to remain in top physical condition, and research shows that could be a problem when their flight physical comes around,” said Linda Mullins, founder of Madeira Beach-based Core Fitness Solution, the nation’s only holistic residential fitness camp that offers psychotherapy and a year of follow up to keep graduates fit and healthy. “During air travel in the past few years, my friends and I have noticed more and more pilots who may benefit from the services of Core Fitness Solution, and our review of FAA research and other documentation validates our observations.”

FAA Research Backs Up The Need For the Program

A 2010 study by the FAA’s Civil Aerospace Medical Institute of 889 pilots killed in air crashes from 1990-2005 found that 107 of the pilots had an obesity-related medical history.

“Findings emphasize monitoring of obesity and diabetes in pilots and understanding the potential implications of these health conditions in relation to flight safety,” concluded the document, made public in May 2010 (http://www.faa.gov/library/reports/medical/oamtechreports).

The FAA report further stated: “It is true that obesity in the general population is increasing with diabetes and continues to be a public health concern, and this aspect is also true with (the) pilot population. The growing concern with the medical issues related to obesity emphasizes the importance of addressing, understanding and potentially resolving this aeromedical issue.”

The report recommends implementation of obesity related educational programs for aviators and aviation medical examiners.

In its “Fit for Flight” brochure for pilots, the FAA tells aviators that, “...a high level of personal fitness can help you cope with the various emotional and physical stressors that are encountered in the flight environment,” and that physical fitness can “prolong your aviation activities by helping you pass your flight physicals.”

In addition, the FAA has established strict regulations for pilots with insulin-treated diabetes, hypertension and coronary artery disease that must be achieved in order to keep flying.

The Fly Healthy Fitness Program

The Fly Healthy Fitness Program at Core Fitness Solution will provide a rigorous exercise, nutrition and weight management regimen customized for aviators that addresses the areas of greatest concern expressed by the FAA: diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary care. The Fly Healthy Fitness Program will be complemented by individual work with a licensed clinical psychotherapist at Core Fitness Solution to help establish a long lasting mental focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Pilots will also receive a one-year follow up to help them maintain weight loss and healthy lifestyle habits.


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