Silence Speaks Where Actions Fail and The Candidacy of Media, Politics & Discreet Indiscretions Go Unnoticed – Senator Coburn (R-Ok) Speaks to a Sleeping Audience

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Over the past few weeks Senator Coburn (R-Ok) made news with several relevant remarks. His most important point was with reference to the Nation’s economic and financial crisis. In his own words: “We have less than 16 months to fix this. I can promise you that come July you’re going to see some tough, tough stuff in this country.” In the same narrative he went on to describe his colleagues as “a class of career elitists” and “cowards,” and by further venting of his frustrations he stated, “It’s just a good thing I can’t pack a gun on the Senate floor.” The Imperfect Messenger Foundation believes there are many Americans who share the Senators outrage and urge Congress to set aside partisan and election cycle bickering and pursue a sustainable course of action.

"We have less than 16 months to fix this." Sen. Coburn (R-Ok.)

As the 2012 Election Cycle marches forward, Curtis Greco, Author, Economic Policy Analyst and Founder of The Imperfect Messenger Foundation continues to press forward with his efforts do draw the Public’s attention to pressing matters of our time. In his most recent article, Media, Politics & Discreet Indiscretions, he claims that, “Surely few will disagree that the American conscience is being overwhelmed with a sort of media saturation bombing decidedly in favor of preserving the status quo. Strategically dosing the public with meaningless drivel relating to the Presidents Bus Tour, Vacation and upcoming soon-to-be-released but not yet formulated Job Creation de jour Stimulus Part: tbd, the various Financial Market convulsions complete with incoherent analysis and the ever faithful one-fix-fixes-all Tax the Rich Class Warfare schemes all with no regard for the simple truth that none of these are newsworthy or relevant to the greater issues at hand.”

He goes on to say, “While the Country continues hemorrhaging economically, fiscally, politically, geographically, globally and socially it appears the best we can seem to accomplish is a continued overreliance on a process (media) that is incapable and unwilling of faithfully informing the public and one which happily continues alignment with a political system that bends reason and favors concentrating its own chronic failures into the hands of an apostolic-like twelve member Super-Committee. Is it any wonder the People’s regard for their public institutions remain at historic lows?”

This past week Greco appeared On Air with Radio Host Pat Campbell of 1170 KFAQ, Tulsa and the discussion quickly turned to the issue of Sen. Coburn’s remarks when Host Campbell asked Greco to comment: “Curtis, we had Sen. Coburn on with us the other day, I was struck by his comment “we have less than 16 months to fix this this.” What does he know that everyone else seems to be ignoring?” Greco replied, in part, as follows: “What the Senator clearly understands is that the U.S. Financial Crisis is expanding and that nothing short of drastic corrective actions, which Congress is most certainly unwilling to undertake in a political season, will alter the outcome. Most Americans have lost most of the equity in their homes, spiraling inflation now up of 230% in just the last eight months, Business Failures and Job losses continue, Federal & State Tax Revenues continue to plunge and what is the Governments solution? Incur more Debt. No, instead of focusing on and pursuing the most critically relevant of the Senators comments the ever vigilant and socially conscious Media ringmasters opted for Representative Carolyn McCarthy’s (D-NY) scolding of Coburn apparently considering her verbal bludgeoning of the Senator far more newsworthy.”

Pat Campbell followed the line of inquiry with, “It seems that no one in Congress really knows what to do, is that a fair assessment?” Greco replied, “Our political system is not designed for positive outcome, decades ago in moved away from functional governance and on to a form of political bartering were its’ adopted form seems to prefer having no standard to uphold or one to which they might be held accountable. The result is what you have before us, complete political, social and economic chaos.”

Radio Host Mike Miller of 1150 WIMA, Oh. called on Curtis Greco to comment similarly when he asked, “So, I picked up on Sen. Coburns remarks, ’16 months to fix this.” Where do you start?” In his reply Curtis covers several, what The Imperfect Messenger Foundation calls, OnPoint Topics: “Move immediately to restore U.S. Economic Independence and abandon Global Banking ties. Remove all Entitlement Policy from the control of Federal & State Governments. Abandon the Internal Revenue Code and reformulate Growth Based Revenue Generating mechanisms in its place. Eliminate all Federal Industry Subsidies. Flat Tax and National Sales Tax concepts are far too difficult to control and one has only to look at how States abuse these concepts to understand their weakness. This is the short version Mike, for more specific economic policy suggestions I recommend your audience read Volume III of the Blind-Vision Series: Valor in Prosperity. Matter of fact, you’d do well to read the entire Series.”

Mike Miller quickly followed with the most obvious of all questions, “Ok then, looking at the current list of candidates, who peaks your interest as being the most capable?” Greco replied: Save for Representative Ron Paul, there is not one single candidate currently in the ring or standing just outside of it functionally capable of addressing any of these issues. They are, and I mean specifically Messer’s Romney and Perry followed by Rep. Bachmann, are simply ill-equipped for the task. Strangely but not unexpected, Senator Paul remains an anonymous 2nd Place Candidate and the Media is quite conspicuous in their efforts to exclude him from the Top-Tier metaphor despite the fact the Paul has single handedly transfigured the political dialogue; once seen as an eccentric idealist now every current candidate, including those that are either new to the game or simply taking the run for the office under consideration, incorporate many of his philosophies into their pseudo-libertarian speak.”

A Follower of The Imperfect Messenger Foundation Facebook Page recently asked Curtis, “What is the problem with Sen. Paul? What does the System ignore him?” The reply was simply this: The Systems chiding of Ron Paul is not because he is eccentric or that his views possess no merit; no in fact it is more likely they fear exposing their substantive ignorance as to his superior perspectives and if they were to engage him faithfully the System risks having to surrender their conspicuous preference for having, just like Government, no standard to uphold or one to which they might be held accountable.”

Greco’s articles can be seen with regularity in various publications however feel free to source and view each of his commentaries online at The Imperfect Messenger Foundations website.

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