New Social Networking Site Takes On Big Boys & Tackles Privacy Issues, Anonymity and CyberCrime

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As Web 2.0 heats up and social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, MySpace, Twitter and Linkedin try to gain market share, increase ad revenues and satisfy investors, their users become products and their products’ information & privacy rights are being abused. ONLYMEWORLD offers a similar platform to these top social networking sites and tackles privacy issues, anonymity and cybercrime.

The real issues people have about online privacy today are the amount of information social networking sites collect about its users, the way this information is being collected and how this information is being used. Now with all the information social networking sites gather about its users; add real name, add email address and facial recognition, not only do people lose their privacy but also they expose themselves to cyber crimes, predatory advertising and manipulation.

Regardless of what sites today promise regarding security, any site can be hacked. (Some examples would be: governments, banks, and law enforcement agencies who all have “so called” state of the art security systems as it relates to online protection and privacy). Social networking sites such as Google+ and Facebook are open-door gold mines for cyber criminals. The obvious solution to address these problems involving privacy, anonymity and cyber crime is simple; no real names, no emails. You do not need a real name and an email address to network effectively. You need this information however, to sell to advertisers and companies; you also need this information to sell someday to private interest corporations, governments, companies, etc.

"Some people complain that they would not be able to find friends, family and associates on ONLYMEWORLD.COM. I always apologize and explain, if you want to find a classmate there's, if you want to find friends and family there are sites that'll help you find them, but if you want to social network with some anonymity, confidently and effectively? There is
ONLYMEWORLD.COM." said Carlson Yamamoto, President of ONLYMEWORLD.COM.

The ONLYMEWORLD platform is similar to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin, yet different because of their approach to Privacy Rights, Anonymity and Protection from Cyber Crime by not asking for real names, email addresses, not engaging in facial recognition software, etc. People again are able to network with some anonymity and privacy, effectively and absolutely free!

  • Upload YouTube & Personal Videos, Links (Buttons) Directly To Email & Websites, Business & Professional Profiles (Alternative Business E-Card). Compare today a Facebook Business Profile, to, and you will see the difference.
  • No Facial Recognition Software, Data Mining or Tracking.
  • Business Listings, Groups, Blogs, Classifieds, Events and Much More!

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To provide our users with an effective social utility platform, that provides a means to express themselves uniquely and be connected with other like minded networkers in their personal, business and professional lives.

Never asking for a real name and email address, never engaging in questionable privacy rights practices, never developing nor acquiring facial recognition software, allowing our users to network with some anonymity and privacy, confidently and effectively.    


OnlyMeWorld is a social networking & media site launched in April 2011, operated and privately owned by OnlyMeWorld, llc.


Carlson Yamamoto, President
Ph: +1(646)926-1095


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