100 Patients Get Back In Their Game After Recovering Like A Rockstar At The New, Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites

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Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites is the crowning achievement of Dr. Michael J. Crovetti's vision to create a state of the art, best in class, Total Orthopaedic Care facility.

Our private suites offer patients a unique out of hospital experience!

Recover like a Rockstar and in record time, get back in your game!

Captain Robert Wamsley, 50, says he’s already feeling and moving better than he has in years. Concern about being out of commission in a hospital, with even more pain, kept the veteran police captain from pursuing his knee replacement surgery. The prospect of “Getting Back In His Game” with the least amount of pain and down time was a compelling reason for Captain Wamsley to put his faith and trust in Dr. Michael J. Crovetti, an owner and the Medical Director of Coronado Surgery Center (CSC) and Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites (CSRS). “I’ve got my life back,” says Wamsley, who accredits his quick recovery to Dr. Crovetti and the experienced/competent staff of CSRS.

Total joint replacement has traditionally been performed in a hospital setting. Known risks associated with these procedures, such as infections and falls resulting in prolonged inpatient stays, are well documented in medical journals and reports. Until recently, an in-patient hospital surgery and stay was the only smart choice available to total joint replacement patients. However, the last 10 years have brought about significant changes:

  • Improved surgical approaches resulting in smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, and shorter operative times;
  • Administration of improved combinations of pain medications by anesthesia; and
  • Increased emphasis on the prevention of post-operative infections.

All of these, as well as other medical breakthroughs have been shown to accelerate rehabilitation protocols.

Recent orthopedic literature supports the transition of these patients to an outpatient setting for their total joint replacement procedure. “Our patients enjoy a more holistic surgical and recovery experience,” says Dr. Crovetti. “We’re able to spend more quality time with our patients in our Recovery Suites versus at the hospital,” Dr. Crovetti says. “This intimate attention from registered nurses and physical therapists, coupled with comfortable surroundings and great food seem to promote positive attitudes that have aided the healing process.”

The first 100 patients to experience recovering from a total joint replacement at Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites are among those who know they’ve made the smartest choice for “Recovering like a Rockstar” and getting back in their game.

Materials and Methods:

This study presents results of the first 100 patients having total hip replacement or total knee replacement surgery in an outpatient surgery center (CSC) and recovering in an adjacent Licensed Intermediate Care Facility (CSRS), providing a 5 star private suite for a 2 night stay.

Average Results:

  • Length of Stay = 2 days
  • Operative Time = 52 minutes
  • Recovery Room Time/admission to CSRS = 142 minutes (protocol is 2 hours minimum)
  • Time from CSRS Admission to Ambulation = 92 minutes
  • Distance of Ambulation:

------ Day of Surgery = 329 feet
------ Post Operative Day #1 = 817 feet
------ Post Operative Day #2 = 789 feet

  • Oxygen Saturation on admission to Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites = 96%
  • Estimated Blood Loss:

------ Hips = 125cc
------ Knees = <100cc

  • Pain Scores {scale of 1 (least) to 10 (max pain)}:

------ Pre-operative = 8.66
------ Post Surgery, upon admission to CSRS = 3.62
------ Upon discharge from CSRS (after 48 hours) = 4.48
------ After 3 weeks = 2.30
------ After 3 months = 1.46

  • No blood transfusions
  • No urinary catheters
  • Complications (Falls, Joint Infections, DVT, PE, Sepsis): 1 joint infection
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey: 100% would recommend Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites


This outpatient model demonstrated superior outcomes when compared to traditional inpatient total joint replacement outcomes. Patients ambulated sooner and further, with almost no risk of falling. Early ambulation clearly minimizes the post operative risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and post operative pulmonary complications including atelectasis and Pulmonary Embolism (PE).

Careful tracking of our pain scores indicates that our patients are walking out with half the pain they had upon admittance to our surgery center just 3 days earlier. Three weeks later, as reported at their first post op visit, they are experiencing another 50% reduction in their pain and, after 3 months, 83% of our patients report that pain they had been living with prior to surgery is gone.

No DVT, PE or prolonged pulmonary complications have been reported in this patient group. One joint infection was reported. After intense investigation and review of patient testing and culture results, it was found that the patient was a nasal carrier. This one occurrence was one too many and a change was made to the pre-op protocol which now includes a prophylactic antibiotic nasal swab. The 99% of patients without a reported infection can be attributed to the lack of exposure to infectious diseases during the patient’s recovery stay.

In conclusion:

The outpatient model presented has a predictable length of stay and has been successful in minimizing post operative risk of infection, falls, DVT, PE and pulmonary complications. The model also supports that these patients have no need for blood transfusions, IV pain medications, or urinary (Foley) catheters. It further adamantly supports the strong decrease in the patient’s level of fear and apprehension to have hip or knee replacement surgery performed in an outpatient surgery center, and recovering at Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites.

The staff at CSC and CSRS encourages you to explore their state of the art facility at CrovettiOrtho.com and invite you to arrange for a visit to tour the facility.

Dr. Crovetti sums it up by saying “We’re proud to have helped our first 100 patients recover like Rockstars at our Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites, and we look forward to helping all those seeking the best and fastest path to Getting Back In Their Game.”


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