CheckInOn.Me Makes Personal Safety Automated, Easy, and Mobile

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Automated personal safety system takes the worry out of meeting strangers, being in new places, or being alone. By being proactive, CheckInOn.Me can alert selected friends that you might be in trouble, even if you can’t get to your phone.

CheckInOn.Me is an integrated service that uses proven mobile and cloud-based technologies to deliver a fast, reliable, and secure system that is not easily disabled.

CheckInOn.Me (http://CheckInOn.Me), a new automated personal safety system, is now live and available as a public beta. Designed to be used by any type of mobile phone, this patent-pending system is now available to all of North America.

CheckInOn.Me uses text messaging to check on users when they need or want it. Users can set up future events with dates and times when they want to be checked on. The “on-the-fly” process allows a user to text us a command that will start checking on him or her in repeated intervals, such as every 15 minutes. Users can text to stop the “on-the-fly” checking. Users can also set CheckInOn.Me to sync with GPS-enabled smartphones running Google Latitude to capture approximate locations.

Founder, Debbie Levitt, explains, “Panic alarms, whistles, and cries for help are sometimes ignored. Typical mobile safety apps expect you to unlock your phone, scroll to where the app is, open the app, and then hit a panic button. If you’re in that much trouble, just call the police! CheckInOn.Me is proactive. If you don’t respond to our Check with the right code word within a certain amount of time, we alert your selected contacts. That means that even if you can’t get to your phone, our system can be trying to get you some help.”

CheckInOn.Me can be used for free. New customers start out with a pack of free Checks, and each month, accounts with fewer than five Checks left will be bumped back up to a balance of five. Customers wishing to use CheckInOn.Me more frequently can purchase packs of Checks for as little as $4.99, or can subscribe to the monthly service for unlimited usage.

Use cases for CheckInOn.Me include:

  • Online dating.
  • Completing a Craigslist or other online transaction in person.
  • Travelling for business or taking your vacation.
  • Walking or taking public transportation at very early or late hours.
  • Those with illness, but feel a little self conscious about family checking in on them constantly.
  • Those with a job that brings them to unknown neighborhoods or around a lot of strangers such as:

> Realtor, real estate agent, rental agent, property manager, or insurance adjuster.
> Taxi driver, limo driver, or chauffeur.
> Food or package delivery person.
> Temp worker such as an admin assistant, translator, or sign language interpreter.
> Massage practitioner, counselor, therapist, or social worker.
> Flight attendant, pilot, or tour guide.

CheckInOn.Me also has a feature to help people get out of awkward situations. Texting “SOS” will tell our system to wait a few minutes, and then call you. The user can pretend the phone call is anything that gets her out of that bad date, or gets him out of the endless business meeting. For those who may want to store information, CheckInOn.Me will record anything you say for five minutes during this call.

The CheckInOn.Me blog at features personal safety tips, advice, and suggestions as well as company news and announcements.

CheckInOn.Me does not contact law enforcement, emergency services, or provide monitoring services like a home alarm system. It’s impossible to know if a user triggers CheckInOn.Me’s emergency notification because of a real safety issue or a perfectly logical reason, such as a dead phone battery or a phone set on silent, nor could CheckInOn.Me know the user’s exact location or nature of an emergency. CheckInOn.Me relies on the user’s selected friends to spring into action. During the notification process, CheckInOn.Me turns into a central communication system for all notified friends.

To learn more, and to start your free account, visit http://CheckInOn.Me

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