New Ultimate Flora Constipation Relief Takes a Breakthrough Approach to a Common Health Complaint

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ReNew Life, the probiotic supplement leader in natural health stores, introduces its much anticipated two-part formula, Ultimate Flora Constipation Relief 30 Billion, as a quick-relief alternative for the 42 million Americans seeking a natural solution.

Ultimate Flora Constipation Relief

“Constipation is a localized issue,” reports Watson, “and people want relief where it’s needed, in the colon. Your gut, and especially your colon, contains more beneficial Bifidobacteria than other types of probiotics."

Constipation is More Common than Ever Before
The latest health statistics reveal as many as 1 in 4 people in the U.S. are constipated. Occasional constipation accounts for America’s $1 billion a year non-prescription laxative industry and an average of 5 missed workdays annually for those affected. It is one of the most common digestive complaints doctors see.

“What many of us don’t know,” says Brenda Watson, co-founder of ReNew Life Formulas and celebrated natural digestive health expert, “is that constipation can mean a lot more than just sluggish bowels. Cramping, gas, and the uncomfortable bloating associated with constipation are all signs of a significant digestive imbalance. And digestive balance is at the center of everything we depend on for health, from nutrient absorption and vital detoxification to immunity and daily energy stores.”

Probiotics Go Beyond Laxatives to the Source
Ultimate Flora Constipation Relief 30 Billion is a dual-action system that contains two formulas in one convenient package. The first formula is a powerful Bifidobacteria probiotic blend with 30 billion active cultures that work directly in the colon.

“Constipation is a localized issue,” reports Watson, “and people want relief where it’s needed, in the colon. Your gut, and especially your colon, contains more beneficial Bifidobacteria than other types of probiotics, but these essential flora stores decrease with age. A Bifido probiotic helps address any underlying imbalance and supports efficient waste transit time by assisting the wave-like process that keeps waste moving.”

This Bifido probiotic blend features 4 extensively researched strains:

  •     Two B. lactis strains promote colon transit time, especially in the lower colon
  •     A B. breve strain helps break down waste and promotes a healthy gut flora balance
  •     A B. longum strain helps maintain a healthy gut pH for optimal defense and digestion

The probiotics in this formula are specially prepared in a delayed-release capsule to resist stomach acids and pass through to the colon, where they do their work.

Not Your Grandmother’s Fiber
The second phase in ReNew Life’s two-part Ultimate Flora Constipation Relief is a combination of magnesium, a potent laxative-effect mineral, and FOS, a natural prebiotic fiber.

“The FOS prebiotic fiber in this formula works in two ways,” says Brenda Watson. “It draws water into the colon for a laxative ‘flushing’ action and it feeds the essential Bifido probiotics supplied in the first phase. The combination of prebiotic FOS with probiotics creates a powerful synbiotic effect between the two nutrients.”

The added magnesium in this second phase formula hydrates and softens hard-to-pass stool and promotes regular, healthy bowel movements. Both the probiotic blend in phase one and the fiber-mineral laxative blend in phase two are formulated as a dual-approach,15-day package to relieve occasional constipation and support balanced digestion, naturally.

About Renew Life
Named America’s No. 1 Digestive Care, Probiotic and Cleansing Company by SPINS for Natural Stores, ReNew Life Formulas was founded in 1997 by Brenda Watson and Stan Watson and offers a full spectrum of natural digestive care products and functional foods. Each ReNew Life product is made from only the finest raw ingredients. The company’s analysis, educational materials, customer service, and superior manufacturing practices all set the benchmark for others in the industry. Above all, ReNew Life is dedicated to helping their customers achieve and maintain optimal health, increase energy, and enhance their mental clarity.

For additional information on NEW Ultimate Flora Constipation Relief and the latest ReNew Life products, contact bcooper(at)renewlife(dot)com


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