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In conjunction with the many educational events occurring around the globe this September, The Amazing People Club announces the development of its revolutionary and unique concept within the ever-growing area of ‘digital’ education.

In conjunction with the many educational events occurring around the globe this September, The Amazing People Club announces the development of its revolutionary and unique concept within the ever-growing area of ‘digital’ education.


Back To School Month
International Literacy Day – 8 Sept
Self Improvement Month
Women of Achievement Month
Women Friendship Day – 18 Sept
Uncle Sam’s Birthday – ca Sept 1813
Treaty of Paris – 3 Sept 1783

Announcing Educational tools.... with a difference!
Via unique BioView® method

By virtual means, the Company has re-created discussions with amazing people who were leaders in science, music, medicine, literature, politics, business, engineering, education and many other fields of endeavour. The term BioView® represents the combination of ‘biography’ and ‘interview’, and the format has been trademarked so that it can be easily adapted around content or license. The Amazing People Club is actively in the process of developing links with organizations with a firm interest in this sector whereby the titles in the series will be integrated as a component in a digital classroom or training environment, for use by educators and students alike.

A psychologist, business consultant, musician, composer, and author, Dr. Charles Margerison founded The Amazing People Club in 2006. He is an innovator with a firm respect for achievers and leaders and the BioView® stories celebrate the ‘can do and will do’ spirit of creativity, confidence, entrepreneurialism, and more. One of the greatest strengths of the collection is its range and diversity. Imagine if William Shakespeare or Marie Curie and other famous achievers, like Mozart, Montessori, Einstein, or Piaf, returned today and gave an interview about their life and work. The Company’s keyword is ‘engagement’ and their products offer just this in an entertaining and educational manner. Each BioView® is a story of inspiration and triumph – they are stories that will encourage the reader to look at their own life and be inspired by the possibilities through the life stories of fascinating characters.    

As technology continues to surge forward, with the growth of mobile phones, iPad type tablets, internet television, etc. - expectations for audio-visual interaction increase. The BioView® concept is a giant step forward in providing a more integrated approach to learning through the use of the series, enabling students to understand a range of issues and also providing the stimulus for exciting projects in various areas of study. Teachers are provided with interactive, engaging content they can use effectively in the classroom. To explore the series further, the following are some examples of their September promotions.


Back To School Month, International Literacy Day – 8 Sept, Self Improvement Month
Sept is ‘Back To School’ & ‘Self Improvement month and 8 Sept is Int’l Literacy Day when the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies is highlighted. Why not take the challenge to commit to a change in the spirit of Self-Development? The determination of individuals who have served us well in this regard can be read about in the following titles. Explore the life of another amazing woman who dedicated her life to educating people. Inspired by her own teacher, Helen Keller became the first deaf and blind person to earn her degree. She travelled the world to educate people on politics and women’s rights.
‘Meet Helen Keller’ eStory FREE to members – Sept - http://www.amazingpeopleclub.com/join
‘Amazing Educators’ eBook US$1.99 http://www.amazingpeopleclub.com/product/amazing-educators.

And where would the literary world be without the contributions of William Shakespeare?
‘Meet William Shakespeare’ eStory $0.99 http://www.amazingpeopleclub.com/product/meet-william-shakespeare

Women of Achievement Month, Women Friendship Day – 18 Sept
Explore the lives of these amazing women and discover how they lived, loved and worked in their own distinct ways. Today, more and more women become doctors, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, etc and take on other roles outside the home. Of course, this has certainly not always been the case.
“Amazing Women” eBook US$3.99 http://www.amazingpeopleclub.com/product/amazing-women
“Meet Coco Chanel” eStory $0.99 (12-19 Sept only) http://www.amazingpeopleclub.com/product/meet-coco-chanel
“Amazing Business People” eBook $US1.99 http://www.amazingpeopleclub.com/product/amazing-business-people

Uncle Sam’s Birthday – ca Sept 1812
The most commonly accepted version of his origin is that he was modelled after Uncle Samuel Wilson, a meat supplier to the US army. However, he developed into a National Icon. In just over 200 years, America has become a power house of industry and commerce. Meet inspiring people who helped form the United States into what it is today.
‘Amazing Americans’ eBook US$3.99 1-5 Sept only http://www.amazingpeopleclub.com/product/amazing-americans

Treaty of Paris signed – 3 Sept 1783
This treaty declared the intention of both parties to ‘forget all past misunderstandings and differences’ and ‘secure to both perpetual peace and harmony’. In today’s Paris and France, the legacy of great contributions made by many people is evident. How did the City of Light develop in the early days? Take a city tour unlike any other.
‘Amazing People of Paris’ eBook US$3.99 http://www.amazingpeopleclub.com/product/amazing-people-paris

Become an Amazing Person
There is something amazing in everyone. Join this prestigious club which has over 500 honorary members and be assured of being in the best of company. Simply visit our website and JOIN THE CLUB. It’s free to join and members receive free eResources every month.


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