Former Warden Talks of the Importance of Yulia Tymoshenko Supporters' Protest Camp that was just Shut Down by Police, in a New Exclusive Interview with

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In what President Yanukovych says is an attempt to restore order, consistent with the Ukrainian Constitution, he gave directive to forcibly close the government approved camp that the members and supporters of the democratic opposition have used as a base for disseminating information about what they consider to be the illegality of the former prime minister's trial and the collapse of democracy in Ukraine.

Police as they Prepare to Dismantle the Protest Camp

Police as they Prepare to Dismantle the Protest Camp

This is a place where the members of all the democratic parties could peacefully interact...

In a new exclusive interview with, Serhiy Trischanovich explains how he served as the warden of the make-shift tent camp erected by supporters of Yulia Tymoshenko and the newly unified democratic opposition, managing economic, organizational, and housekeeping issues. Trischanovich pointed out that the camp, encompassing a plethora of yellow tents, which stood outside the court where Tymoshenko is being tried, was visited by private citizens and politicians alike, giving them a chance to interact with one another in contrast to the camp erected in response by the government, where Yanukovych supporters entered and exited via a check-point, and waved large flags behind the walls of a cage-like structure covered with opaque black banners. The many supporters who lived in the camp around the clock, according to Trischanovich, signed a pack to protect and maintain it, and never to leave it, until Tymoshenko would be released from custody.

The supporters, however, did not have the capacity to fight successfully against the armed police who came to dissemble the camp today. "This is a place where the members of all the democratic parties could peacefully interact without being hassled by the authorities. Originally, it was larger. Then, they limited us to a few blocks of sidewalk space. However, these few blocks, in my opinion, mark the last democratic part of this country." The now former warden went on to explain, "All that has happened during this trial is an insult to democracy. Laws have been broken with total carelessness by a government which has no respect for them at all." He went on to explain how President Yanukovych has extended his patronage networks throughout the country, so as no one, if, he/she does not belong to Yanukovych's 'Party of the Regions', is allowed to participate in politics, or even earn a living. "Meanwhile, an oligarch like [Dmitro] Firtash has grown five times wealthier in the midst of the economic crisis." Trischanovich urged the EU to take similar moves against Ukraine as it has against Belarus, preventing such oligarchs, as well as government officials, form traveling to the West, "where they keep their money."

While vowing to stay in the camp until Tymoshenko's release, the former warden said that there were constant discussions going on about what the next moves of the supporters would be. He felt that people from all around the country who visited the camps seemed to be in agreement that they could no longer stand such social injustices and corrupt politics and did not rule out the possibility of a popular uprising. However, he said that it was too early to tell whether or not this could be a reality, and thus, for now, his colleagues and himself were continually watching the development of the situation and planning strategy accordingly. Trischanovich was, however, sure of who must lead the opposition forces in resistance. "Without any doubt [Tymoshenko] is the leader of our nation and of the Ukrainian opposition. That is, we now see that if Ukrainians want to develop and to follow the European route, then there is only one person who can lead that movement."

It is not clear, at this point, what will be the next steps, if any, for the former warden and his loyalists.

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