HIghway Safety Group Division of LumeWay Products Inc Announces the Release of the "Eye Alert EA401" Driver Fatigue Monitor and Alarm System

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The Eye Alert™, when Installed on the Dash, Monitors the Eyes of the Driver and Recognizes the Signs of a Tired or Impaired Driver and Sounds a Loud Warning

The Highway Safety Group, a Division of LumeWay Products, Inc., announces the release of the Eye Alert EA401 Driver Fatigue Monitor for use by commercial drivers and private citizens. Over 70 percent of rural highway accidents in the United States are single vehicle events. The greatest risk occurs during twilight and nighttime hours, though the number of daylight hour single vehicle accidents is still considerable.

The EyeAlert will help prevent a high percentage of these accidents. The Eye Alert focuses entirely on the driver’s alertness levels or inattention to the road ahead regardless of time of day or weather conditions. If the driver starts to doze off, or is not paying attention to the road, the Eye Alert gives an immediate, audible alarm warning the driver that they need to pay attention to their driving. The Eye Alert can be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle. It sits on the dashboard and is ready to use in seconds.

How it Works:
The Eye Alert is based on an infrared camera combined with sensors that monitor your eye closure rate and duration. When the driver starts exhibiting unsafe patterns, such as eyes closing or the driver not focusing on the road ahead, the Eye Alert sounds an alarm. Moreover, because it monitors the person and not the road, it works regardless of weather or roadway conditions; fog, snow, rain on and off highway. Off highway applications include Maritime, farming, mining, etc. – anywhere a helmsman, or equipment operator is susceptible to fatigue.

The Technology:
After testing the drowsiness-detection technologies available, today, for use in the Eye Alert, the measurement referred to as “PERCLOS” was found to be the most reliable and valid determination of a driver’s alertness level. PERCLOS is the percentage of eyelid closure over the pupil over time and reflects slow eyelid closures (“droops”) rather than blinks.

The technology used in the Eye Alert has been favorably reviewed by government organizations such as the National Highway and Traffic Safety Agency [NHTSA] and the Department of Transportation.

Product Features:

  •     Works in all lighting conditions 24/7
  •     Advanced PERCLOS algorithms.
  •     4 sensitivity settings allow you to adjust the monitor to suit your environment
  •     Works in all weather and road conditions; fog, snow, rain on or off highway
  •     Compatible with safety, prescription or sun glasses
  •     Overall dimensions including base: 3"h x 3.5"w x 1" deep

“Our first customers come from the mining industry” says Chad Dornsife, President of Highway Safety Group Div. “One avoidable accident by the driver of a large piece of mining equipment could save the mine operators millions of dollars and a precious time and productivity, not to mention the possible injuries or death of personnel” continues Dornsife, an expert with 30 years of experience in highway safety. “The real promise for these is the long haul trucking and national fleet operators because the EA401 has a price point that is affordable to all.” The Eye Alert is portable – it can be taken with you to be used in your next vehicle. It mounts easily on the dashboard and can be set up in a few minutes.

A Div. of LumeWay Products, Inc. Chad Dornsife, Founder of Highway Safety Group, is a nationally recognized expert, with 30 years experience, in traffic, vehicle and related human factors safety, including roadway guidance systems, roadway lighting and driving in extreme weather conditions. Mr. Dornsife is a nationally respected design consultant and contractor in the industry, a registered lobbyist and an expert witness in traffic and roadway related litigations. The Eye Alert project is the culmination of Mr. Dornsife’s years of experience studying avoidable accidents due to driver fatigue and distraction.

Visit: http://www.eyealert.com http://www.hwysafety.com http://www.highwaysafety.us

LumeWay is a market driven technology company that solves problems in the area of human safety using state of the art engineering and manufacturing. LumeWay recognizes the importance of a market driven product development approach while serving customers in the U.S. government and private industry. LumeWay’s latest acquisition, the Highway Safety Group, will now be able to bring to market cutting edge solutions to problems not yet available from other sources. The principles of LumeWay are the team behind the introduction of the first programmable, tactical weapon light used by the U.S. Army and Marine Corp. LumeWay is well funded to act, quickly, on opportunities related to their markets.

CONTACT: Joe Mintz, jmintz(at)lumeway(dot)com (760) 409-2816

Visit: http://www.eyealert.com http://www.lumeway.com

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