QuickMedical® Launches Surgical Scientific Products Which Help To Reduce Infection Risk

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According to QuickMedical, hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, cath labs, dental and physicians offices, as well as laboratories and long- term care facilities, have required a product that makes all surfaces in health care settings conform to CDC protocols and guidelines for cleaning, sanitation and infection control. Hard Surface Cleaner was developed to "Provide Better Patient Outcomes", with a non-aggressive formula that can be used on LCD monitors, lighting diffusers and booms, laptop key boards, operating tables, cabinetry even floors and walls. Hard Surface Cleaner (HSC) is free of ammonia, bleach and alcohol.

Surgical Scientific

It has been recommended that alcohol and high-level disinfectants/liquid chemical sterilants not be used on any environmental surfaces.

According to Surgical Scientific, in the dental operatory, environmental surfaces (i.e., a surface or equipment that does not contact patients directly) can become contaminated during patient care. Certain surfaces, especially ones touched frequently (e.g., light handles, unit switches, and drawer knobs) can serve as reservoirs of microbial contamination, although they have not been associated directly with transmission of infection to either dentist or patients. Transfer of microorganisms from contaminated environmental surfaces to patients occurs primarily through dental health care professional hand contact. When these surfaces are touched, microbial agents can be transferred to instruments, other environmental surfaces, or to the nose, mouth, or eyes of workers or patients. Although hand hygiene is key to minimizing this transferal, barrier protection or cleaning and disinfecting of environmental surfaces also protects against health-care--associated infections. (Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings---2003)

Scott Hanna, CEO at QuickMedical said, “The CDC has identified a number of protocols for infection control starting with clean surfaces. The new Hard Surface Cleaner from Surgical Scientific removes residual chemicals left on surfaces without the harmful effects of alcohol, bleach or ammonia which can shorten the life of expensive equipment.” Mr. Hanna concluded, “It has been recommended that alcohol and high-level disinfectants/liquid chemical sterilants not be used on any environmental surfaces.”

When the OSHA Blood borne Pathogens Standard was first enacted in 1991, several studies were conducted to substantiate the cost of infection control or prevention procedures for dentistry. The average cost was estimated to be about $15 per patient visit. This number included the cost of disposable items and barriers, personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks, replacement and repair of hand pieces due to required sterilization, the cost of sterilization equipment, and the use of disinfectants.

Jay Mussel, National Sales Manager for Surgical Scientific said, “Be aware of manufacturer's recommendations for or against using surface disinfectants on some equipment, and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning. A dental facility should establish a schedule for cleaning and maintenance on all equipment.” Mr. Mussel went on to say, “Dental equipment, such as patient chairs, will last longer if the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and disinfection are followed; high-alcohol and other kinds of disinfectants may cause the upholstery to dry and crack. Be sure to follow the product instructions for use because good maintenance prevents costly repair bills.”

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