Redcord USA Named Official U.S. Distributor of the Globally-Proven Redcord Family of Suspension Exercise and Rehabilitation Systems

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Join the Neuromuscular Revolution

Redcord USA ( has been named by Redcord A.S. ( as the official U.S. distributor of the Redcord™ Medical suspension exercise and rehabilitation systems, The Redcord Professional Workstation, Redcord Trainer, and Redcord Mini. In addition, Redcord USA offers the only proprietary line-up of Neurac™ (Neuromuscular Activation) Continuing Education courses using Redcord systems.

Unlike other suspension equipment, Redcord Medical’s rehabilitation systems and corresponding education courses were created by physical therapists and are founded on proven therapeutic principles with documented research findings on patient results. The patented Redcord system consists of a single or series of suspension ropes, harnesses, and bungees.

The Neurac treatment modality allows physical therapists and other health professionals to use Redcord rehabilitation systems to identify and treat core weaknesses, joint instability, and muscle imbalances. Redcord’s patented suspension equipment, scientific training methods, and accredited educational courses are centered on the clinical foundation and therapeutic approach for treating neuromuscular dysfunction with the Neurac treatment method.

What is the Neuromuscular Revolution?

The Neuromuscular Revolution is based around neuromuscular activation, the ability of nerves and muscles working together to improve or regain neuromuscular function. As neuroscience continues to study the body’s predisposition to functional movement, Redcord’s mission lies in further developing neuromuscular-oriented methods to improve function and inhibit patterns of movement due to injury or pain.

Rehabilitative therapy, exercise, and performance training must return to the first principles of educating what is arguably the most neglected part of the body - the brain as the seat of functional movement.

And so, a Revolution is born.

Redcord’s proprietary Neurac therapy was developed by physical therapists and is an assessment and treatment method involving high levels of neuromuscular stimulation in order to reestablish normal functional movement patterns. The method is used to treat long-term musculoskeletal disorders that cause pain and/or inactivity. The largest subgroups include patients with neck, back, pelvic, and shoulder disorders. The Neurac method is an active rather than passive treatment approach, consisting of exercises with the Redcord Medical rehabilitation systems.

“Our goal at Redcord USA is to educate our colleagues in the health industry about the Neuromuscular Revolution and the amazing results they can achieve for their patients using the combination of Redcord and Neurac therapy,” said Michael Leonardi, President and CEO of Redcord USA. “We are pleased to partner with Redcord A.S. to bring this amazing therapeutic modality to the U.S.”

Redcord Medical offers three types of equipment: The Redcord Professional Workstation, Redcord Trainer, and Redcord Mini. The breadth of the product offering allows physical therapists and other health professionals the flexibility to choose both the location at which the therapeutic sessions are conducted and the style of the therapy best-suited to each patient.

Redcord Professional Workstation is specifically designed for clinical settings to allow physical therapists to isolate specific muscles and identify “weak links.” Once muscle imbalances have been identified, therapists can use the Redcord Professional Workstation to conduct the proprietary Neurac (Neuromuscular Activation) treatment to strengthen those weak links as well as any corresponding muscle groups. Once the initial therapy has been completed, the Redcord Trainer can be utilized in a gym or home setting. Likewise, to continue therapy and maintain results, Redcord Mini can be used right in a patient’s home or workplace, with or without the supervision of a therapist.

“The United States Olympic Committee has been using Redcord for years. We knew when we first encountered this amazing functional training technique that we wanted to incorporate it into our training and rehabilitation programs, but we didn't anticipate that Redcord would change the way we work with our athletes,” said Peter Toohey of the U.S. Olympic Sports Medicine Team. “Our performance-based sports medicine staff uses Neurac to activate and stabilize muscles before training sessions for improved performance and reduced risk of injury. Soon all the USOC locations will use the Neurac technique and Redcord products.”

In addition, Redcord USA provides a specially designed education system and professional development support for therapists, doctors, and health professionals to become leaders in neuromuscular activation and corrective exercises using Redcord’s Medical rehabilitation systems with the Neurac modality as a base. Because of its world-renowned education staff, Redcord USA is uniquely qualified and positioned to serve the U.S. market. Redcord fitness and rehabilitation systems need to be partnered with the appropriate education, like the Neurac modality, to create the optimal therapeutic results. The extensive education courses are overseen by Gia Fruscione, PT, DPT, and are continuously improved through partnerships with universities and research institutions.

To learn more about Redcord USA and the company’s therapeutic solutions and education course schedule, visit

About Redcord USA

Redcord USA provides treatment, education, research, and development of the Redcord Neurac modality. With a focus on active wellness, optimum sports performance, and painless rehabilitation, Redcord USA addresses the needs of physical therapists, chiropractors, and athletic trainers seeking better ways of treating patients dealing with chronic musculoskeletal pain. For more information, please visit, become a Fan on Facebook, link to us on LinkedIn, or follow us on Twitter.

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