Zolidus Launches Service to Estimate the Future Value of Any Property.

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Zolidus’ Real Estate Lab is a service critical for realtors, contractors (remodeling, repair, etc.), as well as for individuals placing importance on gaining an insight into future real estate values.

Zolidus’ analyses are light years more advanced than those traditional, deterministic indicators and price estimates issued by the media, banks and other financial institutions, so maligned due to their grossly erroneous forecasts.

Zolidus does not believe in validating the analyses’ robustness by simply invocating big Wall Street corporate identities issuing them, or "well known" names of individuals reporting in the media about economic issues. Zolidus simply applies the most advanced technology available in the world today to estimate future real estate values at various levels of confidence, including a dual stress test. This is certainly not the traditional economic forecasting which many expect (disrespect may be a more accurate word) however most continue to read and many companies carry on paying handsomely for them.

Zolidus asks only to be judged by the procedure employed and the build and architecture of the model, all of which is explained in detail on the menu screen created and displayed on the website which includes a great deal of related information.

The company points out that the economy is not an “engine” like the overwhelming mainstream economists would want to believe, but a “social organism” composed by people with different needs and desires which change all the time, a fact complicated by the occurrence of random events. Many mainstream economists build deterministic models based on a series of assumptions which lead to a single point result. As a cynic once said “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess”. Apparently, many economists attempt to adapt economic realities to their model instead of the other way around, and when it does not pan out (no surprise there), they justify it misusing the ceteris paribus Latin expression (“all other things remaining equal”); in the current hyper dynamic world, hardly anything remains the same!

Zolidus emphasizes that, precisely because it is impossible to know which are the correct assumptions and by what measure they may influence results, as well as the impact severity of random events with 100% accuracy, the model is ran thousands of trials assigning probability levels to the results obtained. It is the only way of generating credible, down-to-earth results. This is what Zolidus does.

The company uses selected government data, and refines some indicators which many take -traditionally but misguidedly- at face value. Much of this may come as a huge surprise to many, but can be easily confirmed after looking at the facts.

Zolidus stresses that it is fairly common to hear complaints from clients concerning the way the data is delivered by some consulting firms. In some cases, the data takes the characteristics of a flood and it becomes difficult to acquire an adequate insight defining or explaining a specific scenario. Zolidus’ non-traditional economic analysis constitutes the basis on which the company property value forecasts are prepared, and presented by means of a multi-tab interactive dashboard designed to enable viewers the possibility of learning the fundamental of the scenarios, at a glance.

The company currently offers interested parties the possibility of viewing a current real example which can also be downloaded for free by visiting the company website http://www.Zolidus.com and clicking on the Real Estate Lab module. Zolidus emphasizes the fact that millions read daily economic analyses issued by institutions of all kinds, reports published by the media as well as listen to comments on TV. Zolidus is issuing an invitation to all to get acquainted with its models and procedures, and thus notice the difference.


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