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Usually, promos come and go, running for a limited time only to entice customers to rush to a deadline. As for the Dr. Sunil Dental Bangkok Clinic, they'll instead offer their special promotions for good.

World Class Dental Care

No longer will anyone sacrifice full chewing ability as well as suffer from teeth shifting, bone loss, or greater risk for cavities and tooth failures in the long-term thanks to the affordable implant dentistry services of the Dr. Sunil Clinic.

In particular, this dental clinic provides among the most affordable teeth whitening services around. To be more specific, the clinic's Zoom Whitening service comes at a cost-effective 9,500 Baht, 222 Euros, 318 US Dollars, and 305 Australian Dollars. Aside from being affordable, the Dr. Sunil Zoom Whitening package also offers one of the best cosmetic teeth whitening on the planet because it's the kind of service that gives customers teeth that are eight shades whiter than before.

Few other dental whitening procedures—which can range from whitening gels, whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, and laser teeth whitening—in the market today can match the quickness and effectiveness of the Zoom Whitening process. Zoom has been proven clinically to be safe and beneficial, and there are quite a lot of dentists who swear by this procedure's effectiveness. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Sunil Dental Thailand today in order to try out this innovative whitening system today. The procedure itself only takes 45 minutes of your valuable time.

One other service (actually, several services under one banner) that the Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic has decided to permanently lower its costs is its implant Bangkok dentistry package. Implant dentistry is one other way for people to acquire a complete set of perfect teeth after dental caries and cavities have already wreaked havoc on their adult teeth. For many people who are suffering from severe toothache that affects the dental pulp itself, they used to only have two options at their disposal: a root canal to kill the root of the affected tooth or dental extraction. For those who have suffered injuries that have cracked or dislodged their teeth altogether without the help of a professional dentist, they don't even have those two options at their disposal.

What's more, for the longest time, the going rates for dental implants are phenomenally expensive. It's no exaggeration to say that a person has to pay an arm and a leg in most cases in order to get a decent implant. Thankfully, the Dr. Sunil Sukhumvit Dental provides a permanent special offer on reasonable international rates that will allow everyone within the vicinity of Bangkok a variety of dental implantation options.
By performing dental reconstruction with implants, healthy teeth won't be compromised and bone loss will be averted. No longer will anyone sacrifice full chewing ability as well as suffer from teeth shifting, bone loss, or greater risk for cavities and tooth failures in the long-term thanks to the affordable implant dentistry services of the Dr. Sunil Clinic.

For example, the Bio Horizon Implant (per tooth) rate is 60,000 Baht, 1,389 Euro, 2,005 US Dollars, or 1,915 Australian Dollars, and it uses a screw that serves as the artificial root to the bone. There's also the ITI Straumann Bone Level SL Active package (per tooth) that's priced at 75,000 Baht, 1,740 Euro, 2,506 US Dollars, and 2,397 Australian Dollars; it's a tapered effect implant with the tissue level head that has the same thread design as a bone-level implant. As for implant placement (per fixture), it's priced at 60,000 Baht, 1,395 Euro, 1,984 US Dollars, and 1,866 Australian Dollars. To save money for multiple implants, you can affix one bone-level placement and connect the rest of the adjacent implants on that one placement.

As for the crown on the implant (the implant is merely the metal fixture itself, after all), it now costs 15,000 Baht, 349 Euros, 496 US Dollars, and 467 Australian Dollars. The bone graft is an operation used for restoring the edentulous area of the missing tooth, and it costs 15,000-25,000 Baht, 348-580 Euro, 505-841 US Dollars, or 457-761 Australian Dollars depending on how extensive the operation is. Finally, the sinus lift (a service that increases the amount of bone in the upper jaw bone for the future placement of dental implants) costs about 20,000-30,000 Baht, 463-695 Euro, 673-1,010 US Dollars, and 609-914 Australian Dollars.

For customers that have dental problems that costs too much when taken care of at home, the Dental Bangkok Clinic of Dr. Sunil is here to serve. It's the best Dental Thailand Clinic around, and its presently lowering its already affordable prices to accommodate the growing demand for its state-of-the-art dental services. In particular, the Dr. Sunil Sukhumvit Dental Clinic is presently offering the most reasonably priced implant Bangkok and teeth whitening services available in Southeast Asia, arguably the world.


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