"Mimi's Dream And The Central Park Zoo" is Certain to Make Children Smile, Says Windsurf Publishing LLC

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"Mimi's Dream and the Central Park Zoo," for children ages three to eight, by Maureen Mihailescu has just been released. So far, this new book can be found on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble online. However, it will soon be available to children on other online stores around the world announces Windsurf Publishing LLC.

Windsurf Publishing LLC knows that Central Park is a popular place for families who live in or visit New York City. After all, this is where children of all ages go to the zoo, playground, ball fields, boat facilities, and enjoy sports. Windsurf Publishing author and illustrator, Maureen Mihailescu, grew up near the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan. Maureen decided she wanted to create a fiction book about the animals of the zoo for children. Maureen wanted to offer children something different and that did not already exist.

To prepare for her book, Maureen recently took time to observe the animals at the zoo. She wanted to see how the animals were faring and to watch for their own special characteristics. At first, she wasn’t sure how to tackle her project but soon it came to her. She decided that the only way to do this right was to do the illustrations herself. Maureen found that many of the animals at the zoo have very communicative natures and individuality. She also found that they could be close with people as well. Maureen wanted to capture some of this and transcend it into writing and illustration for children to see and enjoy. She also wanted to give children something they could remember the Central Park Zoo by. The young character in the book she created, whose name is Mimi, helped her accomplish this. Mimi has a dream about the zoo before she visits it the following day. It is how Mimi sees the animals, the things they do, and what they are like that becomes the story. Maureen uses relaxed humor, articulate language, and occasional rhyming in her book that is certain to retain interest and make children smile. It is also educational. Her illustrations are fun, inviting, full of vibrant colors, and simply stunning.

Nonetheless, the animals at the Central Park Zoo are not the only animals people find interesting and entertaining says Windsurf Publishing. There is also a popular clock called the Delacorte, which attracts many people as well. It has lovely carved animal statues that spin around the clock every half hour from morning to late afternoon. It also plays forty-four different songs and has a big bell on top with two other animal statues. Maureen illustrated and wrote about this also in her book for children. Maureen thought that was also something special that children would remember from their visits and in her book.

Maureen Mihailescu didn’t want the fun to end there so she also created a coloring book, “Mimi’s Dream and the Central Park Zoo Coloring Book.” Maureen felt this would give children the opportunity of coloring her illustrations from her book and also to encourage children to draw their own pictures as well. The coloring book is in black and white and has additional pages where children are asked to draw something themselves. It is certainly good for young aspiring artists. In addition to this, there will also be an address book coming out soon for children that has illustrations from Maureen’s book in color. This will give children another memento to remember the zoo and Maureen’s book.

Another nice thing about author Maureen Mihailescu is that she knows that many people do not speak or read in English who visit New York’s Central Park. Because of this, she has plans to have translations of her books available in other languages so that children from around the world and their families who visit can enjoy her books in their own languages. In the meantime, "Mimi's Dream and the Central Park Zoo" in English is available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble online. Reading level is approximately from three years old “beginners” to eight years old and dependent on children's interests and reading skills.

Windsurf Publishing feels that Maureen Mihailescu’s book will keep kids smiling before and after their visits to the Central Park Zoo. Windsurf also feels that it is really great that a native New Yorker was able to create this who grew up near the zoo. In addition to writing regular children’s books, Maureen also writes for adults, children with autism, and children with special social needs. For questions or additional information, please visit Windsurf Publishing LLC at http://www.windsurfpublishing.com.

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