Hudson Flynt Assumes Command with His Inspirational Battle Plan in Hand to Reconquer America.

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Hudson Flynt, author of new book, 'Reconquer America', deems Washington dysfunctional. He believes answers to America's problems will not come from elected officials and demands America's citizens not wait for government to act on their behalf. Hudson directs citizens to follow his individual-based plan of recovery insisting that now is the time to act. He notes precepts of first-generation Americans amongst others.

Reconquer America, front cover

America’s tomorrow is not promised. We do not have the luxury that generations past enjoyed – the belief that America would always be a bastion of liberty and freedom for the rest of the world.

Hudson Flynt believes that there is more to being American than a list of laws to follow penned by federal, state, and local officials. He says that the individual must take responsibility for his or her own actions and decisions. His precepts seem to be focused on inspiring individuals to take action without waiting on the next law to be passed.

The precepts unveiled in his first chapter describe sacrificial living with the chapter title of ‘Work Like a Mexican’. When asked about the title of his first chapter, he responds, “These people have demonstrated work ethic of this country’s first generation”. He adds, “Besides, calling the first chapter ‘Work Hard and Live Sacrificially’ just doesn’t have the same ring.”

Hudson continues, “Emulate first generation Americans with a must-happen commitment and the long-awaited change begins. In order to move from where you are you need two things. For one, you must have desire, and two, opportunity. Desire comes from within. Opportunity comes from this great country”.

Race relations and the discussion thereof have widely been in the news. When Hudson was asked about his book’s reference to Blacks and Whites sited in chapter four, ‘Survive Like Jews and Overcome Like African-Americans’ that some Blacks are considered lazy and loud with a lack-luster attitude about learning and some Whites are considered sneaky, backstabbing, and silently racist while employing a system rigged against non-Whites, Hudson Flynt frankly and strongly reprimands those whom he finds dragging down America spotlighting racial tensions without solutions.

Hudson Flynt’s plan to reconquer America does not forget the economy. Throughout, solutions are designed to plug the leaks that weaken individuals, thus the American economy - solutions on how to get a job, get a raise or promotion, why starting a business now is the perfect time, and restarting a business makes perfect sense.

What’s more, Hudson’s book is devoid of politics. How can this be since book’s recommended reading list references controversial political orators such as Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Dick Morris and more? The answer is realized throughout the seven chapters.

Through the eyes of Flynt, Americans are reminded of the power and responsibility of freedom and builds a patriotic crescendo in which Americans are encouraged to innovate through recession, be excellent in all, and celebrate everything that makes individuals and America great.

Hudson Flynt reveals that he accepted the challenge from his cronies to inspire all Americans without politics and wants each and every American to get his battle plan, ‘Reconquer America’.

Sandra Powell

Content Director
Reconquer America


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