9/11 Terrorist Attacks is Predicted by Uncanny Photo of Plane Crashing in to NYC Landmark Tower, 35 Years Ago to the Month

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Did fine art photographer Robert Funk have paranormal super natural insight to make the prognostication Fall of the Twin Towers, or was it a strange coincidence?

9-11 crash foreshadowed

1976 photo of Plane going into NY Building foreshadows 9-11

"I was not trying to be Nostradamus in 1976 but there is a very strange connection" Robert Funk

Three recently discovered photographs, that were taken 35 years ago, come to light as 9/11's tenth anniversary approaches. Photographs taken by photographer Robert Funk in the1970s foreshadow the 9-11 Tragedy http://www.robertfunkart.com

In the 1970s, Funk was widely published for holding miniatures or toys in front of his wide angle lens and creating juxtaposed images that looked real but were not. In reality, they are straight shots without photoshop.

Photo 1: Haunting 1976 Photograph of "Plane Crashing into Pan Am Building". The plane is not a real plane, but a model plane that is juxtaposed so that it looks like a real scene. We see the plane at the precise moment before impact. It's very credible and disturbing. Only after careful examination do you realize that it is a toy plane.
The position of the toy plane is relatively the same as the planes that hit the WTC . It is about to strike a high floor of the building at the same sort of angle.
This adds to a heighten level of credibility and frightening expectation of an imminent crash of a plane into a major Manhattan skyscraper. The time of day and position of the sun with a perfect saturated blue cloudless sky, again links the 1975 photograph with 9-11 tragedy.

"Ironically, the omni-present image of the World Trade Center in the New York Skyline is absent in this photograph, as if it no longer exists. Done in 1976, the date makes the photo more prophetic. 1976 was the our country's birth and will be the height of the new One World Trade Center Freedom Tower. 1976 was also when Islamic extremism of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was rearing it's 1st ugly head. 1976. It's a date which plays into the numerology thinking" remarks Funk.

Photo 2: "Fire Man above trade Center" 1976 This is an image of a six inch bronze statue photographed with a 18mm lens. The statue is held in the photographer's right hand, and simultaneously he snapped this haunting image with his left hand. The runner seems to be reflecting a bizarre yellow-orange light as if it were from a fire. It's a straight shot (no Photoshop) taken on location, from the very edge of the roof of WTC One. At the time, Funk did not know that 25 years into the future, the picture would have even greater meaning of symbolically showing people running from the World Trade Center tragedy.

Photo 3: "Tourist Painting Against Skyline" A cheap tourist-like oil painting sits on a railing on the Brooklyn Heights promenade. The painting is positioned directly in front of the New York skyline as it appeared in 1973. The World Trade Center Tower 2 is still under construction with a crane on the roof. The oil painting, it's original intent to be a beautiful, impressionist interpretation of lower Manhattan, somehow takes on a dual nature of beauty and horror. The artist's expressive use of red gives the impression that lower Manhattan is not beautiful but is on fire, with billowing clouds that look like smoke. The painting juxtaposed against the World Trade Center creates a Nostradamus-like prediction of 9-11.

Robert Funk has been an artist ,photographer, advertising art director,social network pioneer and art collector for 40 years. See more miniature photographs at http://www.robertfunkart.com


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