Ace Canopy Donates Canopies for a Film about Homeless, Benefiting the Homeless

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A leading canopies supplier, Ace Canopy will be donating canopies to the feature film, The Guitar Player. The film is donating half of their profits to the homeless.

The Guitar Player is a story about redemption and second chances. The filmmakers intend on donating half of the profits of the film to homeless causes, which is only fitting for a film that will earn it’s costs to make the film by public means. The Guitar Player is a publicly funded film. Companies like Ace Canopy will be donating goods and services for the production. Ace Canopy will be donating canopies being used as an incentive package where the person that pledges is given a canopy with their logo on it to be used at the premieres of the film. The G.M. for Ace Canopy stated, “We are proud to offer the canopies to such a cause and a film with a noble story.”

The movie is about a young boy who accidentally kills his best friend during wrestling practice. He is so remorseful, and the small town is so judgmental, that he is forced to leave town and go on the road. He takes his friend's guitar with him, and plays it on the street for whatever cash he can get. He lives this homeless lifestyle for 20 years, relatively peaceably.

Robert, the young boy, finds out that his best friend's mother is hospitalized and begins to visit her and bring her two roses. He does this every week for a time. He comes to the hospital one day to find that she has passed away. He takes the two dollars the roses would have cost and buys two lottery tickets. He ends up winning 88 million dollars, which greatly changes his whole life.

The Michael Stein’s story and the details about The Guitar Player feature film project are fascinating. The man and movie are both extraordinary. What he is attempting to do with this is above the norm. The "awakening" that the main character experiences is no more interesting than the account of how Stein became involved in production. He worked through the years in a variety of positions, from promoter, actor, writer, to filmmaker.

Some of the "greats" who helped inspire him along the way included acting coach Eric Morris, filmmaker Rob Friedman, Paul Thomas Anderson, who gave him a lead role in "The Dirk Diggler Story". He also gained experience and inspiration from directors such as Zack Snyder, David Dobkin, Tony Kaye, Dave Ramsey, and Spike Jonze. The inspiration of these successful people in the industry brought about the movie, "The Guitar Player".

Stein began working toward his goal as filmmaker in high school, and moved through several careers before he wrote this story. He worked as a Hollywood nightclub promoter, had his own night club, worked as an actor, and, by age 21, had earned his place as a production assistant, later deciding to make a feature of his own.

After trying for over two years to get funding for his endeavor, he still had nothing. He then decided to start a company of his own to support his effort. His revenues were in the seven figures within months. He now had his funding. He wrote the movie, as well as starring, directing, and producing it. He then went on to successfully make several other works as well. This lead up to his current work.

The crowd-funding project, Kickstarter, helps raise funds for personal endeavors. People can choose how much they wish to contribute. Once the threshold is reached, money is released and the production can proceed. The threshold for this one is $150,000. He hopes to have the distinction of being the largest crowd funded film ever.

The themes addressed with this movie, those of fate, destiny, and redemption, help make the Michael Stein story and the details about "The Guitar Player" feature film project stand to make this very successful. The promise of the contribution of half the proceeds to the homeless is another incentive that can lead to its success. Along with the help of companies involvement like Ace Canopy, it seems like The Guitar Player stands a good chance to reach it’s goal.

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