DCIG, LLC and Monument Data Solutions, LLC Announce Insider's Guide to Oracle Backup Software Solutions

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End Users Gain Invaluable Resource for Oracle Database Backup, Recovery and Failover. With DCIG's Latest Comprehensive Guide, End Users Can Reduce Time to Evaluate When Selecting Best Options

"We were surprised at how difficult it was to find information, especially for an area that is growing as much as the backup and recovery for the growing number of instances of Oracle databases,” said Jerome Wendt, co-author and founder, DCIG, LLC

As more organizations choose Oracle databases, the need for efficient, effective and reliable backup becomes more critical. When factoring in the increasing number and size of Oracle database instances, and the growing use by smaller organizations with limited IT staff, specific solutions to address these needs becomes difficult to identify.

From DCIG’s perspective, the challenge associated with protecting Oracle databases is most acute in the mid-market, where it is commonly found that a growing number of organizations use Oracle databases as a result for their purchase of business applications that run on Oracle under the covers. While the choice may not be for Oracle directly, end users find themselves needing to protect Oracle databases as a result of these purchases, and factoring that into their other duties. This makes the need to find information on the right solution all the more critical.

DCIG, LLC analysts collaborated with analysts from Monument Data Solutions, LLC to evaluate Oracle Backup Software offerings from more than 30 companies. After an initial 60 question survey was completed, participating companies’ capabilities were assessed from the questionnaire and from information available in the public domain. Solutions were then evaluated and weighted after conversations with end-users. After scores were compiled, solutions were assessed and ranked either “Best-in-Class,” “Recommended,” “Excellent,” “Good,” and “Basic” across functionality and capability relative to the overall market landscape. The intent for this Buyer’s Guide, as with all DCIG Buyer’s Guides, is to provide an “at-a-glance” comparison from which end users can select the most appropriate solution for their existing needs.

“We were surprised at how difficult it was to find information, especially for an area that is growing as much as the backup and recovery for the growing number of instances of Oracle databases,” said Jerome Wendt, co-author and founder, DCIG, LLC. “And companies that you would typically associate with doing backup and recovery in these environments did not have some of the advanced integration features that are commonly needed -- that made the focus for this particular Buyer’s Guide all the more important. As with all our Buyer’s Guides, we are trying to cut down on the time, energy and effort to identify and evaluate appropriate solutions with a first-step resource to quickly compare and contrast leading solutions to help end users make informed decisions before moving forward with further review, analysis and hands-on experience.”

The DCIG 2011 Oracle Backup Software Solutions Buyer’s Guide Top Five solutions include (in alphabetical order): Asigra Cloud Backup, CommVault Simpana 9, EMC NetWorker 7.6 SP2, HP Data Protector 6.2, and Quest Software NetVault Backup 8.5.3.

The DCIG 2011 Oracle Backup Software Solutions Buyer’s Guide:

  •     Lists each individual Oracle Backup Software Solution
  •     Lists different Oracle backup software features
  •     Weights these features according to what end users consider most important
  •     Scores and ranks the features on each product based upon the criteria that matters most to users
  •     Provides an objective, third-party evaluation of Oracle backup software from an end-user’s viewpoint
  •     Provides data sheets for 12 Oracle Backup Software Solutions to enable quick comparisons of the features that are supported or not supported by each backup software
  •     Further aligns the Oracle Backup Software Solutions by functionality to help you determine which vendors fit best with specific functionality needs
  •     Provides contact information for each vendor to accelerate your ability to contact the vendors.
  •     Provides recommendations on how to best use this Oracle Backup Software Solutions Buyer’s Guide

This Buyer’s Guide measured the rankings by breadth and depth of capability. There are few vendors that have broad and deep enough functionality to be deemed as “Recommended” or “Best-in-Class”—the product with the top score in each category—as defined in this Buyer’s Guide as vendors with scores of 70 or higher.

  •     CommVault Simpana and Quest Software NetVault Backup received this honor for their strong breadth of Oracle Backup Support and overall Oracle integration.
  •     Quest Software NetVault Backup achieved the “Best-in-Class” designation in Total Product Score and the Oracle Integration category though the two products by and large ranked fairly consistently across the board.
  •     Quest Software NetVault Backup received a slight edge with its more advanced Oracle integration with RMAN, Data Guard, and RAC.

“This Buyer’s Guide was the result of a multi-month effort, looking at a number of compelling solutions,” said Carl Rubin, Co-founder, Monument Data Solutions, LLC. “This latest Buyer’s Guide will help end users focus their attention more quickly in the right and important areas that best address their overall Oracle backup and recovery needs. It is our hope that users will have a guide to identify important features, ask the right questions of vendors, accelerate their time to evaluate and then have a reference and audit trail they can use to justify their decisions.”

Disclosure and Methodology
DCIG and Monument Data Solutions identified more than 30 plus companies that provide backup software for Oracle databases. Each provider was given the opportunity to complete a survey with 60 questions that examined how its solution delivered on features associated with Oracle databases, versions, backup, restore, Oracle RMAN and support. Some backup software products that only do virtual server backup declined to participate because Oracle does not certify the backup of Oracle databases on virtual server platforms other than the ones Oracle resells.

In every case every participating vendor had the opportunity to review and respond to the survey and the information regarding their product displayed on the data sheets included in this Buyer’s Guide.

DCIG and Monument Data Solutions also spoke to various end-users to get a sense of how they would weight their needs in these various areas. DCIG and Monument Data Solutions then evaluated the vendors’ capabilities by applying weighting indicated from our conversations with these end-users. No vendors, whether clients or not, were afforded preferential treatment in the Buyer’s Guide. All research was based upon information provided directly by vendors, research and analysis by DCIG and Monument Data Solutions, and other publicly available information.

The DCIG Oracle Backup Software Solutions Buyer’s Guide is available immediately and may be downloaded for no charge with registration at the following http://www.quest.com/DCIGBuyersGuide.


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About Monument Data Solutions, LLC
Monument Data Solution LLC is a US based Oracle Partner providing consulting services on Oracle's E-Business Suite and Oracle Databases. Based in Needham, MA, Monument provides a unique spectrum of information technology services related to Oracle Technology including project and managed services, outsourced systems management, and technical and functional consultants. Monument is recognized for providing integrated business and IT solutions that enable our clients to improve their competitive positions, market shares, and productivity. Monument is designed and resourced to provide on-time and on-budget solutions for both small and mid-market organizations.


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