'America's Dermatologist' Dr. Tony Nakhla Launches 'The Bible' Of Skin Care With His New Book 'The Skin Commandments: 10 Rules To Healthy, Beautiful Skin'

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Catch Dr. Nakhla on CNN September 14th. “If there’s one dermatologist in the world that can truly see beyond the skin, it’s Dr. Tony Nakhla…The Skin Commandments is a doctrine, by one of today’s most brilliant, visionary and caring dermatologists, for all of the things we can control to have the healthiest and most beautiful skin possible,” –Marco Borges, Exercise Physiologist

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I wrote The Skin Commandments to help men and women take control of their own health and beauty.

The Skin Commandments: 10 Rules to Healthy, Beautiful Skin (Reedy Press; Releasing September 13, 2001; $16.00; Softcover) is quickly becoming known as the “the bible for the skincare industry” and revolutionizing the way both women and men think about skin care. Ever wonder about the secret weapons used behind some of the most gorgeous faces in Hollywood? Feeling overwhelmed, misled or confused by the of the millions of cosmetic products, celebrity endorsed skin-care regimens, websites and infomercials telling you how best to achieve great skin? Everyone wants beautiful skin, but how does one make good choices when the options seem endless and the messages are unorganized? Who is there to turn to for trusted, honest, expert advice and guidance on one of the largest and most important organs in the body? Look no further because Dr. Tony Nakhla, better known as “America’s Dermatologist” is here to divulge all the tips and tricks to getting perfect red-carpet worthy skin for life in ten-practical steps that are both easy and fun to understand and implement at any stage of life.

More than a book, The Skin Commandments represents the essential guide and ultimate resource for anyone seeking healthy and beautifully-radiant skin. A brilliant dermatologist and visionary on the cutting edge of cosmetic skin care, Dr. Nakhla demystifies principles of modern dermatologic theory and outlines the best of skin care one “commandment” at a time.
Dr. Nakhla comments, “With all of the gimmicks, gadgets, miracle creams, celebrity endorsements, and fad diets in the health and beauty industry, it's no wonder why people are frustrated and confused about skin care. I wrote The Skin Commandments to help men and women take control of their own health and beauty. My goal was to summarize the best of skin care into 10 simple steps, or "commandments", and present them in a format that is easy to read and not overwhelming.”

In The Skin Commandments, Dr. Nakhla reveals that the number-one key to outer beauty lies in addressing inner beauty and health first. This book teaches the reader how to view the skin as a window and barometer to the inner body's overall health. Dr. Nakhla explains how signals from the internal organs are displayed in the form of changes in the physical appearance of the skin. Things like rashes and skin ailments should be used as alarms telling you when something is off on the inside. Establishing a healthy-internal foundation is therefore step number one on the quest to beautiful skin. According to Dr. Nakhla, once you understand that it's everything beneath the skin's surface that guides it's outer appearance, it becomes much easier to adopt healthy behaviors and a holistic approach to your lifestyle in order to achieve gorgeous aesthetic results. When the body is functioning perfectly inside, it will glow with radiance on the outside.

At the start of each chapter, Dr. Nakhla outlines how to “obey” each commandment and provides simple, bottom-line instructions. Throughout the book, readers will enjoy helpful “breakouts” that summarize important information, along with fun facts and narrative text. Plenty of photos and illustrations are included as well. This book helps everyone from the A-list celebrity to the stay-at-home mom or dad achieve healthy, beautiful skin regardless of age.

In The Skin Commandments readers will learn about a full spectrum of topics including how to :

  •          Reduce signs of aging
  •          Prevent and detect skin cancer
  •         Choose the best skin-care products and advanced treatments
  •          Eat foods that are good for your skin
  •          Maintain internal and external hydration
  •          Achieve beautiful skin by living a healthy lifestyle

In language that is easy to understand, The Skin Commandments will guide the reader through all the right steps to optimal skin care and a holistic lifestyle that promotes inner AND outer beauty.

Finally, Dr. Nakhla adds, “As an expert in various aspects of skin care, including dermatology, cosmetic surgery, holistic medicine, and nutrition, I wanted to deliver an all encompassing guide for readers. Often, the different schools of thought are conflicting and they don't have to be. The Skin Commandments offers the best of all worlds including nature based regimens, holistic principles, and high-tech aesthetic enhancements. Only the best, scientifically proven treatments, foods, and products are mentioned.”

For more information about The Skin Commandments: 10 Rules to Healthy, Beautiful Skin visit: http://www.OCSkinInstitute.com.

About the Author
Dr. Tony N. Nakhla, D.O., F.A.O.C.D. is a board-certified dermatologist, skin-cancer surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, and osteopathic physician with extensive training in traditional and holistic medicine as well as nutrition. Dr. Nakhla is medical director and founder of OC Skin Institute, in Orange County, CA, a national center of excellence in skin health and beauty.
About Reedy Press
Founded in 2004, Reedy Press is a book publisher that specializes in trade nonfiction. Its rich and diverse list features award-winning titles that span a wide range of topics, including history, sports, health and beauty, food, and the arts.
About The Skin Commandments: 10 Rules to Healthy, Beautiful Skin
Reedy Press; Softcover
On sale September 1, 2011
154 pages / $16.00 / ISBN: 978-1-935806-06-6

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