UK Homeowners with Solar Power can cut their electricity bills by more than £200 a year

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Solar power company A Shade Greener, the preferred installer to the Goldfield Solar EIS Fund, has completed a comprehensive and in-depth survey into exactly how much electricity produced by their Solar panels is being used by the homeowners.

"We welcome the opportunity to access the data and work with A Shade Greener and other installers in the future, so that we can provide customers with the most accurate figures available".

Ian Cuthbert, The Energy Saving Trust.

Solar power company A Shade Greener ( are a South Yorkshire based renewable energy company offering free installations of domestic solar PV systems in the Yorkshire and Midland areas. They are one of the UK's largest operators with over 4,000 domestic installs to their name.

The survey was carried out by fitting 32 import/export meters on a random selection of its newest 18 panels installations to keep a real-time check on exactly how much of the electricity produced by the solar panels is being used by the homeowner and how much goes back to the grid. The meter readings used for these results were checked by an independent third party.

In addition solar power company A Shade Greener contacted 100 of their existing customers who had a 18 panel solar power system installed more than 12 months ago and checked their electricity savings.

The main findings are:

  • A quarter of customers cut their electricity bills by more than 50%.
  • The average customer is using 46% of the free power generated by their panels.
  • 72% of customers changed their ways in a concerted effort to make use of the free solar energy.

The survey concludes that homeowners who have installed one of solar power company A Shade Greener's solar power systems can cut their bill by an average of £208 a year*.

Stewart Davies, Chief Executive of solar power company A Shade Greener, said; "For the first time we can put a real figure on how much people can save and how much free solar electricity they can use in their own home. The figures show that people can save an average of £208 per year based on the average tariff charged by the power companies. Our survey also found that further savings are being made by people taking more notice of how much electricity they use and finding ways of cutting it down".

David Gammond CEO of Goldfield Partners Ltd the Asset Managers for the Goldfield Solar EIS Fund, ( concluded; "This survey demonstrates the real benefits that average consumers can enjoy from having free solar panels fitted. Add to that the investment benefits, the creation of new jobs and the reduction of carbon being emitted in to the atmosphere it becomes a win win scenario for society in general"

*The £208 saving per year is based on units of electricity generated by the solar panels and used in the home. All systems produced 3,240kW hours per annum of which the average usage is 46%. i.e 1,490.40 kW hours x 14p per kW hour = £208.


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