4,000 Indiana University Students Increase Their Job Prospects by Innerviewing Before They interview

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In spite of the tumultuous job market, 4,000 students at Indiana University at Bloomington are increasing the odds of landing their D.R.E.A.M. jobs after graduation with The Innerview, an innovative college-to-career curriculum created by Professor Keith Dayton and Jullien Gordon.

In a down economy there are more problems to be solved, not less. Instead of looking at job postings, we teach teach students how hunt for problems they are passionate about and create real value.

“Great interviewing is preceded by great innerviewing.” With the unemployment rate hovering around 10% nationwide and only 25% of college students graduating with a job in hand according to The National Association of Colleges And Employers (NACE), Keith Dayton, Business School professor at Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business, and Jullien Gordon, a Generation Y career expert, have published a comprehensive college-to-career curriculum and workbook designed to teach students how to innerview before they interview—a process that integrates personal development into a professional career path.

Youth unemployment is on the rise globally as entry-level jobs shrink and older generations work longer. According to the Economist, youth unemployment is over 40% in Spain and in the United States it is near 18%; in the Middle East, there is a general consensus that youth unemployment is largely the cause of recent uprisings. However, in spite of the global downturn in job creation, Gordon points out that “in a down economy there are more problems to be solved, not less. Instead of looking at job postings, we teach teach students how hunt for problems they are passionate about and create real value.” The Innerview lays out a plan for college students to take advantage of the opportunities presented by tough economic times.

In short, The Innerview makes the distinction between the interview and the innerview. Interviewing is an external process and defines the exchange where two parties are interacting to get to know each other better. Innerviewing is an internal process that seeks to help the job seeker know who they truly are, what they want, and why. Professor Dayton’s describes the process as “going into the soul and putting it into the workplace.”

According to the NACE, college graduates are experiencing an unemployment rate of just over 4% - an all-time high. However, Gordon offers that the hidden story is that many college graduates are facing severe underemployment—meaning, they are settling for jobs that do not match their level of education. For-profit colleges such as Apollo Group's University of Phoenix and Education Management Corporation's Art Institute are facing scrutiny from the government, according to the New York Times, because of their unlawful recruiting practices and inability to ensure that graduates find gainful employment. As a result, student loan delinquency rates are rising because their income is not sufficient to service their student loan debt. These factors further deepen the debt crisis and discourage young workers from fully utilizing their skills.

As the fall semester begins at Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business, all of the undergraduate business students there will start to employ the career building techniques provided by The Innerview, and the authors expect Indiana University to be the first of many collegiate and community college curriculums who implement The Innverview’s techniques. “This is just the tip of the iceberg. We are seeing the trend start to develop where our educators are focusing first on the student’s sense of inner purpose and then crafting a plan for their professional development, instead of just looking at the job market and trying to find a match,” Gordon says.

The Innerview was published in August 2011 and is now available online and in select college bookstores.


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The Innerview curriculum covers everything a college student needs to do before their first big interview for an internship or full-time job by helping them answer questions such as:
—What am I passionate about and what careers align with my passions?
—What’s the purpose of work to me?
—How do I use my time in college to prepare for my desired career?
—What do I want to be when I grow up?

The clearer an individual is on these questions before going into an interview, the more likely it is that they will stand out to the potential employers of their choice. Interviewing is less about reading through resumes and more about showing results. The Innerview teaches students how to navigate the job market and distinguish themselves in today’s extremely competitive job search process.

For more information, please contact: Samuel Wilson at samuel(at)innerviewing(dot)me.

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