Major Medical Meltdown-Chiropractor Patients Hurt, Docs Facing Bankruptcy

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The Council of Chiropractic Education Proposes Major Changes in What Chiropractors Can and Can’t Do in Their Practice. Dr. Phil Yamamoto says it will drive many in his field into bankruptcy and hurt patient care.

The Council of Chiropractic Education recently announced sweeping changes in how chiropractors can conduct their own private practice, long after they’ve left school. California Chiropractor and educator Phil Yamamoto says the group needs “a major adjustment” of its own.

Yamamoto says “what makes the CCE's plan misguided is that they are a self regulated group comprised of all the owners and presidents of all the chiropractic colleges in the U.S. It’s in their best interests to make the field as ‘medical’ as possible, keeping these young chiropractors indebted to them for decades.”

According to Yamamoto, “Chiropractic has always been the redheaded step child of medicine and the CCE now wants to include pharmaceuticals in practice and give chiropractors the same rights, privileges, and status as medical doctors has currently. This is a very dangerous recipe for disaster.”

Brian Lieberman, a Washington DC Chiropractor agrees. “The art of adjusting has been put on the back burner due to the amount of non-chiropractic information that the students have to learn. Without the ability to adjust at a high level, students are doomed to failure.”

Yamamoto asserts that the fuzzy math and shaky ethics often start before the students even graduate. “The CCE plans to make chiropractic education very laborious and expensive so that they can justify charging the enormous fees that they currently get from tuition, even in a down economy. Since the federal government allows student loans for chiropractic, there is no incentive for these school owners to make chiropractic education simple or affordable.”

Yamamoto says eventually, it’s both the patient and the chiropractors who will find this a big pain the neck. “With less and less insurance plans that cover chiropractic care, more chiropractors are cash based and are totally self employed. A young chiropractor can come out of Chiropractic College with over $150,000 to $300,000 in student loans and can't even get a job to pay back those loans."

Yamamoto says to make Chiropractic College seem like a better investment, the schools are dangling prescription-writing privileges as a real possibility for chiropractic students. “It’s really scary. this could potentially lead to thousands of accidental overdoses for those in pain who have been given prescriptions by a Chiropractor who has no business writing a prescription.”

“If the governing boards of Medicine and Osteopathy were aware of the CCE’s attempts to make chiropractic part of the medical model of medical practice without having the rigors or demands of actually having to attend a medical school, they might come out against these attempts to make a Chiropractor into a Doctor,” says Yamamoto. “Millions of taxpayer dollars are being controlled and given out to these unscrupulous chiropractic schools and their owners and there are no federal mandates or overseers of where the money is going or for what. Somebody has to stand up and speak out for these chiropractic students and more importantly, chiropractic patients. I guess that somebody is me.”


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