Be Healed by the God Who Cares, Newly Released Book, Directs Us To The Supreme Source Of Hope In Tough Times

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Is There A God? Who Is God? Can God Heal Us? What's The Proof? Is There Hope?

"An Easy Read With Good Information"

Is there a Supernatural Intelligence outside space and time that cares enough to heal us?

According to author Sherif Michael in his recently released book Be Healed By The God Who Cares, Jesus Christ healed and can heal today. Michael maintains God heals physical disease and spiritual illness. He wrote the book after being healed from physical illness himself, an account he relates at the end of the book.

Modern day “faith healers” emphasize the importance of faith. Michael asks, “Are we simply to have blind faith? Faith in what or who?”

As a college student at UCLA Michael practiced hatha and mantra yoga. At that time he believed God was an impersonal energy which permeates all creation. Today he believes in a personal God, a Supernatural Intelligence outside of space and time who cares for His creation.

Michael says, “To develop faith we must answer logical questions such as ‘Does God exist? Is Jesus Christ God’s son and as such God incarnate? What proofs are there?’”

In answering these questions, Be Healed By The God Who Cares examines the Moral Argument for the existence of God, some of the three hundred prophecies made hundreds of years prior to Christ’s birth which he fulfilled, the proofs of Jesus’s resurrection, and present day physical healings in Fiji. Be Healed By The God Who Cares is short and an easy read. It is also inexpensive ($9.80 in print, $3.95 e-book) so it can be given to those in need."

Michael maintains that a belief in God is logical and a source of great hope. He summarizes his short book as follows:

"If you face serious physical illness and your body is falling apart, you need to turn to the Source of Life and Healing. God can heal, heals daily, and may heal you this moment. God should not be limited nor minimized by our inability to conceive who He is. Quoting Jonathan Edwards, the Triune God upholds the universe instant by instant. God defines physical reality.

"By believing in God's Son, you have eternal life. Faith is a gift from God, but Jesus Christ used his fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and his miracles to evidence his claims that He and the Father are One, that before Abraham was 'I AM,' that 'He who has seen me has seen the Father.' We need to build our faith to believe."

Although Sherif Michael's Be Healed By The God Who Cares focuses on spiritual and physical healing, Michael, who holds a BA in political science, an MBA in international finance, both from UCLA, and was employed at Credit Suisse originating loans, says the concept of healing can be expanded to our world situation, "These days the world is facing one storm after another: credit issues in the Eurozone, in the US stubborn joblessness due to the country's job generating manufacturing base having been transferred to countries whose wages are 5% those at home, and never ending turmoil in the Middle East. At this time there are no 'locomotives for growth' on the horizon, no easy fixes. But if we turn to God, He can restore our financial health. The God who upholds his Creation instant by instant, can easily tweak a few variables and health will be restored."

"If you are seeking a book that will give ample amounts of inspiration and hope combined with a dash of apologetics, 'Be Healed by the God Who Cares' does just that, and more. Biblical wisdom is presented alongside classic philosophers and modern thinkers in a clear readable guide to finding spiritual solace and miraculous intervention." - James Hirsen, J.D., New York Times Best Selling Author. Hirsen teaches law at both Trinity Law School and Biola University in Southern California. He is admitted to practice in the California and Washington, D.C. Bar Associations as well as the U.S. Court of International Trade.

"A very readable, cool and clear introduction on the most vital subject. In this fine piece of work Sherif investigates the meaning and the reason for believing the Christian faith," Dr. Steve Kumar, Author of Christianity for The Skeptics, former president of the New Zealand Evangelical Apologetics Society.

Sherif A. Michael lives in California. He holds a BA in political science and an MBA in international finance from UCLA. He also holds a Juris Doctor in Law from Western State University. Sherif has lectured in Christian apologetics and comparative religion at university campuses in nearly thirty countries. After six years in the New Age in mantra and hatha yoga, Sherif committed his life to Christ and aside from lecturing, has been involved in banking, commercial brokerage, and real estate development. Sherif authored the popular website, which is translated in 12 languages, a website which has 100,000 hits a month together with its sister website


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