Top Rated Talk Show Host and Martial Arts Champion, Tom Grbich, Set to go Three Rounds to Finally “Beat Down” the Bullying Pandemic

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Tom Grbich’s “Tom Says...” debuted online worldwide on the Voice America Network on July 29, 2011 and has gone on to become the top rated show on the network. This inspirational radio talk show focuses on providing “the how to” for anyone seeking to maximize their potential. The next installment begins on September 16, 2011

Bullying isn’t limited to just schoolyards, but crosses over into the workplace, families, churches, work, government, partnerships, cyberspace, and even in the form of the ego - bullying you – its host.

Life coach, business mentor, martial arts champion, author, and founder of Live Your Life International, Tom Grbich, is set to host the next, episode of his Inspirational Talk Radio Show “Tom Says…” on the Voice America Platform on September 16, 2011. The show can be accessed via the following page.

After covering the impact of meeting (or failing to meet) our basic human needs, Tom is now set to host a three part series to address the one topic that impacts almost every single need – both for its victims and perpetrators; bullying.

There is a lot of talk and even a lot of threats of a coming “pandemic” in the world – none of which has proven to be “real” (yet) but that’s not to say it isn’t going to happen. A pandemic that is real however is the pandemic of bullying. Bullying, in its myriad of forms, impacts people on a mental, physical, and even spiritual level. It isn’t limited to just schoolyards, but crosses over into the workplace, families, churches, work, government, partnerships, cyberspace, and even in the form of the ego - bullying you – its host.

Says Grbich, “This practice has been around forever. It is one of the most cowardly and malicious of all acts and yet so very misunderstood. Technology, unfortunately, is providing new platforms via which it can be carried out”. Once we can understand the needs that are being either fulfilled or robbed in both the bully and victim’s case, it becomes a lot easier to discuss and ultimately resolve the issue.

Tom, having been abused physically and mentally as a child, is no stranger to being bullied, and he is hopeful that his experience will help thousands of others learn from and deal with their situations – ultimately coming through as stronger human beings.

Tune in over the next 3 weeks, starting September 16, 2011, with Tom and his co-host - Leesa Wyatt from Australia, who will be joining him for the 3 part series.

Tom’s Approach

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Tom wants to move the boundaries of self development beyond just What to do to achieve any life goal to actually provide practical and proven "HOW TO" tools techniques and insights for creating positive change for individuals - irrespective of age, position, or status in life. The time tested strategies provided during the show create a powerful platform for literally changing the way we all look at life -transforming negativity, eliminating conflict and suffering, and resulting in a happier, more fulfilling quality of life at every level.

What sets Tom’s show apart from the rest is that people have had enough of being told “what” they needed to be doing in their lives, without being given a tangible “how.” That’s where “Tom Says…”, and the “Live The Life YOU Want” programme created by Tom come in.

During the show, Tom will be taking calls and answering questions live on the air. Again, to access the show go to

About Tom

Tom Grbich is a believer in "practical" & "experiential learning" and through 30 years of coaching individuals and business around the world, he has created a system and presentation that combines practical tools and approachability in a way that allows absolutely anyone to experience personal transformation that lasts a lifetime. These practical tools are what Grbich attributes to his own success as well as the many around the world that this program has helped, and such tools, he says, don’t require any special skill to use and they are available anytime you need them.

As the Founder of Live Your Life International, Tom Grbich practices and lives what he teaches every day. Tom founded Live Your Life International as a means to spread his hard-earned and practical life-learning on how to truly live, and achieve one’s greatest dreams and aspirations, every day.

Grbich was born into a highly dysfunctional and abusive family. At only 8 years of age, Grbich said he made the decision to end his life as the only thing left to end the emotional and physical pain he endured daily. Armed with a shotgun, he recalls how he left his house and trekked up a hill with every intention of killing himself.

Tom recalls, “Armed with a shotgun, I went up the hill that overlooked the house and tried for about ten minutes to pull the triggers, but every time I thrust my thumb inside the trigger guard, it would pull back and refuse to strike. In frustration, I remembered that the shotgun could be made to fire just by banging the butt on the ground - so I started literally slamming it into the ground. When even that didn’t work, I finally broke down completely. This was the worst day of my life because here was the final proof, that everything my Mum had said about me was true – I was SO useless I couldn’t even do the one thing that had the power to end it all.”

That day he decided he deserved whatever happened to him in his life. His inability to pull the trigger forfeited his whining and blaming rights. The positive result of this learning, however, was he never complained again and he took personal responsibility for everything he did in his life. In the years since, he has achieved every personal and business goal he has ever set for himself.

Tom transforms people and companies wherever he goes and he now devotes his life to helping as many others as he can, to realize that they too have been totally misled, and they can change everything in their lives if... they are willing to change the way they think and act.

About Live Your Life International

Grbich founded Live Your Life International as a means to spread his hard earned and practical wisdom on how to live and achieve one’s greatest dreams and aspirations every day. Since its inception, Grbich and Live Your Life International have helped countless individuals and companies with his personal development programs.To learn more about the Life The Life YOU Want Program, visit . For more information on Live Your Life International visit

To listen to the “Tom Says…” program and catch the next instalment of the show titled “The Bullying Pandemic”, visit

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