The Tea Party Announces plan to End the Debt, Create Jobs and Rescue the Economy

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With the True Tax the Tea Party says, “Americans can no longer sit on the sidelines. The Tax system must be reformed. It has been corrupted by partisan politics and special interest. The last stimulus package is a perfect example how Congress and the White House has wasted Americans taxes and public trust. Sadly, the White House has again introduced a jobs plan similar to the previous stimulus package that perpetuates the status quo with no real solutions."

The True Tax: Plan to End the Debt

The Wealth of a nation belongs to the people not to its government.

The Tea Party has quickly become the largest and most influential movement in our nation’s recent history. In a little more than three years, it has shifted America’s political landscape and has awakened the people to its non-partisan principles of constitutional, fiscally conservative government. Despite its success in placing over 100 Congressional leaders in the 2010 election, Washington still fails to produce a viable solution to the problems of no economic recovery, jobs lost in the private sector, overwhelming national debt and unfunded liabilities for entitlements. Americans cannot afford to wait for politically blind politicians to grasp the truth. Therefore, the Tea Party has provided a clear message and a concise plan to do all these things quickly to restore America through The True Tax.

Regrettably, both major parties‘ previous annual budgets have caused increasing deficits. Alexander Hamilton believed it was unconscionable to burden future generations with obligations and no means to extinguish them and the Tea Party agrees with that statement. This Tea Party plan is based on the sound economic principles which have made America great, and not on extreme ideologies (socialists) which have never succeeded. Over 73% of Americans are dissatisfied with Washington politicians, who have squandered our wealth in wasteful government programs to garner votes. Apparently, some “outside the box” (read “outside the congress”) thinking has been done by the Tea Party in stepping up to the plate with this plan for America’s Rapid Recovery to Greatness.

In the book, The True Tax, the Tea Party says, “Americans can no longer sit on the sidelines. To begin with, America must reform its tax system that has been totally corrupted by partisan politics and special interests; is totally unfair; and will never collect enough revenue to pay off the debt (deficit spending in excess of $14.7 Trillion). Sadly, the White House has again introduced a jobs plan similar to the previous stimulus package, which perpetuates the status quo, and has stated no real ‘numbers’ solutions. Americans are aware that infrastructure projects create jobs, however, these are ONLY temporary as once the project is completed, the jobs are gone."

Above are the reasons the True Tax plan was written by the Tea Party; to end partisan policies and provide real solutions that will pay off the National Debt within 5 years, revive the economy and create private sector jobs without spending a dime of government funding to institute the plan. The plan shows how America must reform the tax system with a NEW method, which minimizes partisan politics and provides a transparent, honest system; one with simple rules which instill and invigorate confidence in both the consumers and business owners. With the Tea Party's plan called, "The True Tax," everybody wins! This plan has provided the only real multifaceted ‘numbers’ proposal that will more than meet the government’s funding needs immediately, stimulate the economy by creating permanent jobs, pay off the national debt, replenish entitlement funding, and streamline government. The Tea Party encourages the adoption of this plan for the sake of preserving the United States of America as a vibrantly solvent capitalistic state. Specific details may be found in the book, available at, or Amazon Kindle ebooks.

About Tea Party:
The first Tea Party group, established a, “Principles First,” doctrine that has been readily adopted by patriotic groups across America. It is imperative the Tea Party must provide solutions to problems plaguing our nation. Tax reform addressed by The True Tax,, is the first of many solutions. The message is greater than than the messenger. The Tea Party’s non-partisan core beliefs of Constitutional Fiscally Conservative Government and Free Enterprise are the framework and foundation to Restore America.


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