“Ice Therapy, Nature’s Perfect Cure” Challenges The Medical Community

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A new book promises to revolutionize how chronic pain is managed. The guide will help readers discover how ice can improve one’s quality of life.

Harry A. Thompson has composed a life-changing book for those suffering from pain and debilitating medical conditions. “Ice Therapy, Nature’s Perfect Cure” is an astonishing breakthrough within the literary community. The book challenges how society views pain management and traditional medicine. The book, which is now available on Kindle for $9.99, is a ninety-one paged informative guide on how icing can improve the quality of life for those suffering with chronic pain.

Thompson’s journey started at four years of age. He had opened the back door of his mother’s car and fell out. From this moment, Harry’s life has been plagued with physical injuries which left him in constant pain, ultimately reducing his quality of life. “Everything the doctor’s told me to do, I did” explains Mr. Thompson. “The problem was, what the doctors were telling me to do wasn’t working”.

As Harry’s chronic pain almost crippled him, he ascertained the knowledge of ice therapy. Shortly after, Mr. Thompson decided to help other people discover what he has coined as “nature’s miracle” he began writing his debut book. “Ice Therapy, Nature’s Perfect Cure” is filled with photographic demonstrations on the subject. “There is no other book out there on the power of ice and healing even though the technique has been used, to some extent, for decades.” Thompson continued.

“Ice Therapy, Nature’s Perfect Cure” is the quickest route out of pain. The medical community wants people to spend money, become dependent on dangerous prescriptions, and become entrapped in the mindset that there is no alternative treatment for chronic pain. This groundbreaking book dispels the myths about icing for only twenty minutes at a time and intrigues the reader to discover a path to safe, natural and non-habit forming pain control. All ninety-one pages discusses the many uses for ice therapy, questions mainstream medicine, and offers a quick guide to launching the reader’s own personal journey to advocating for their health.

“People have to understand hurting is healing.” says Harry Thompson. “Icing for a long period of time was something no one considered within today’s secular media and medical community. I want people to be proactive about their health. Understanding that without pain there is no gain is a vital concept I preach in the book. Once individuals read my book, and really comprehend my message about ice therapy for longs periods of time and how our society is failing to use nature’s gift, I am sure a revolution will take place.”

Harry Thompson was born in California. He had a form of migraine headaches for decades and has suffered many work and activity related injuries, such as a motorcycle accident, auto accident, and actually being hit by a vehicle, within his life. A former cameraman, Harry has an AA degree, two years of Radiological Sciences at Children's Hospital LA and one year of Echocardiography at Loma Linda University Hospital in Loma Linda, CA. Shortly after his retirement, Harry lived in Costa Rica for half of a decade before returning to the US.

“Ice Therapy, Nature’s Perfect Cure” is available in print and electronic versions. Harry Thompson will be setting up free online Q&A sessions for the general public. For more information on Harry’s personal story, a media review copy of the book, or an interview request, please utilize the contact information within this release.


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