Free Audit Now Available for Businesses to Stop Utility Mischarging, Announces Energy Specialist Simon Binks

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A revolutionary computer programme has been designed to help businesses claim back thousands overcharged by powerful utility companies, according to Energy expert, Simon Binks, who has spent a decade developing the tool

Energy specialist Simon Binks today announces a revolutionary computer programme he has designed to help small businesses claim back money from powerful utility companies, uncovering a billing system which is ‘endemically flawed’.

The expert behind the project, energy specialist Simon Binks, spent a decade investigating the complex way utility companies charge customers and developed the software to indentify errors. He is now warning businesses to urgently audit their energy bills to ensure they are not being overcharged after his programme exposed hundreds of examples where businesses had been 'ripped off'. The software uses a complex mathematical algorithm to analyse energy bills and has already been successful in claiming back tens of thousands for commercial customers who were unaware they were paying too much for their energy. Others have been undercharged in error and have faced back-dated bills for thousands of pounds.

Mr Binks says: “The more I challenged the more I realised how murky things were. I am horrified by the sheer incompetence of most of the suppliers when it comes to the way they charge and bill. It is ridiculously over-complicated. It's taken me ten years to fine tune the system to a point where now, at the touch of a button, I can produce a report and work out immediately how much a customer is overpaying and where they can save money.”

Many of the errors Mr Binks has uncovered can be attributed to errors in meter reading. He believes the industry billing system based on meter reading and estimatation is inherently flawed.

He says: “There are a whole load of things you have to look at on electric meters and all the time people are being ripped off because the meters are being misread. People are receiving back-dated bills going back five or six years because the suppliers have wrongly noted the meter type. It happens all the time and can run into tens of thousands of pounds.

“In one case one company sent someone out 17 times in two years to read the meter of a restaurant and not until the last three or four times did they realise they were reading it incorrectly. Suppliers are failing in their duty to provide an accurate and reliable billing service to customers.”

Recent flawed meter-reading examples include a small convenience store which was landed with a £37,000 demand after the meter had not been read for six years, a bakery which had been paying a regular standing order for ‘ghost’ readings from a meter which had been disconnected and a hotel where, after a new meter was installed, the owner was left with an £8000 bill.

Mr Binks is so incensed by what he regards as the deliberately complex pricing structures of all utility companies he is offering businesses a free audit of their bills using his software via his website

He says: “The system can turn the tables on the power cartels, who continually make mistakes on their invoicing. It is designed to root out all mistakes and inaccuracies and give power back to the consumer.Suppliers are beginning to realise the scale of underbilling. It is very unfair because the supplier should have a duty of care to ensure it correctly reads a meter”

Mr Binks now acts for hundreds of businesses and as well as uncovering errors also helps them acquire the most competitive pricing at contract renewal.

He says: "In nearly every case I’ve investigated, I’ve saved money – ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of pounds."

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