Snuko Anti Theft Joins Forces with the World’s Largest Property Ownership Company to Offer the Best Chance of Recovering Lost or Stolen Devices

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Snuko has now signed an historic agreement with Recipero, the world’s largest property ownership database. This ensures that lost or stolen computers, laptops, Android or Blackberry phones protected with Snuko cannot be sold in channels monitored by global law enforcement agencies.

With more and more people using smartphones and tablets it is important that owners have a solution that will protect their identities, data and stop unauthorised users accessing their files

Dishonest members of society will find it increasing difficult to sell Snuko protected property that has been reported lost or stolen. Once detected, the same worldwide property ownership database is used by law enforcement to return the property to its rightful owner.

Anti Theft Software & Protection Is The Way Forward

Even large well known silicon chip manufacturers such as Intel are now adding anti-theft ‘technology’ to their hardware which is a major step forward in the fight against theft of devices such as laptops, tablets and Ultrabooks.

Snuko is in the business of protecting a user’s data and device from unauthorised use. With software available for Windows laptops, Android phones and tablets and BlackBerry devices there is no better or more secure option for an owner of this type of equipment. Snuko provides comprehensive theft prevention as opposed to only assisting once a device is already lost.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are becoming an even larger part of people’s everyday lives. These devices are routinely used for shopping, online banking, entertainment and often contain sensitive personal and financial information. In some households they can be in use more often than a television set.

Snuko’s CEO Carlos Benvenuti commented “With more and more people using smartphones and tablets it is important that owners have a solution that will protect their identities, data and stop unauthorised users accessing their files. We have worked hard at Snuko to ensure that our customers have the very best protection. We have quite a few more tricks up our sleeves to roll out shortly which will leave thieves and unauthorised users totally helpless”.

With an increasing dependency on these devices, it’s now more important than ever to protect one’s electronic identity and ensure that life can continue unhindered if a mobile phone, tablet or laptop is lost or stolen, without the fear that one’s data or identity has been compromised.

The Snuko laptop anti theft software even takes webcam pictures of unauthorised users, captures images of the screen being used and remotely backs up important files to a secure server every day.

With the added addition of the equipment automatically being entered into the Recipero database, if it is reported lost or stolen, law enforcement agencies around the world will be alerted to prevent it being sold on.

The Snuko Android and BlackBerry anti theft applications back up important files, encrypts and then wipes data, tracks and locates the exact location of the device, stops unregistered SIM cards from being used and locks down the device to stop unauthorised use.

With more features planned very soon stealing a phone or keeping a lost phone will be something of the past if it has Snuko Anti Theft software installed.

The Snuko Anti Theft solutions go much further than anything incorporated into the hardware and will even collate the information obtained about the lost or stolen device and create a report ready to take to the local police station.

Snuko’s approach is not just about protecting or wiping the data but offering the best opportunities of actually recovering the device. Protecting and recovering a lost or stolen device will require more comprehensive features than a simple locate, wipe and lock facility and the Snuko anti theft solutions go much further.

Snuko PLC (Wiener Borse: SNU) is the holding company of Snuko UK Ltd, a London based security-and IT company, specialising in securing computer’s and mobile phones as well as crucial data from loss or theft. With operations in the US and Europe, Snuko is focusing on innovative security solutions that protect against loss and theft of internet enabled devices and data. Our customers are individual computer and mobile phone users, corporate enterprises, as well as third party software vendors. Our mission is to provide our users with the most effective, sophisticated and user friendly theft protection for computers and mobile phones, with the least amount of complexity, thus ensuring: Secured hardware, Secured software and data, reduced administration and business continuity despite loss of computer or mobile phone.


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