Originals By Weber Announces The Flex Drum Sander Round Wood Sanding Kit

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Flex Drum Sander Kit is great for all tube shaped and round wood sanding. Now you can actually have fun while sanding round, tube shaped wood with this highly efficient wood sanding tool. Once tried users ask: " Why have I been sanding the hard way for so many years?" Users are amazed at the ease and efficiency and low cost of the Flex Drum Sander Kit.

Flex Drum Sanding sleeve: 80 grit, 120 grit, 220 grit. Sanding surface is permanently mounted on the flexible foam core shown here.

I am extremely happy with my drum sander, it does an awesome job, very fast. I would recommend it to any woodworker.

Originals By Weber, of Toms River, NJ, Terry L. Weber, owner, announces immediate availability of the new highly efficient Flex Drum Sander Kit. Three always-soft long lasting sleeves (included) have a molded foam core covered with sandpaper in choice of three grits: 80, 120 and 220. These sleeves slide onto a metal gripper shaft arbor assembly (included) that is fitted on your own electric motor with set screws for clamping to the shaft of your electric motor (motor is not included in the kit) Included is a split bushing to adapt the 5/8" bore in the arbor to a 1/2"motor shaft, if it is needed.

The new Weber Flex Drum Sanders are ideal for all tube shaped and round wood sanding. The new and easy way to sand and smooth round wood and tubes. Flex Drum Sanders are now available as a handy, easy to set up Do-It-Yourself-Sanding Kit. Easy, fast, efficient! Low cost. New demonstration video can be seen on the website below.

Largely the type of materials being sanded and the aggressiveness of sanding pressure applied to the sleeve determine the life of the sanding sleeves and pad assembly. Excess pressure, too much aggressiveness applied to the sanding sleeve pad assembly while sanding will generate excessive heat that shortens the life of the pad and sleeve assembly. So, apply gentle pressure to lengthen the useful life (durability) of the sleeves.

How It Works:
How to attach the Flex Drum Sander to your motor:
1. Insert the motor shaft into the bore in the end of the shaft arbor. If spit bushing is used, position the setscrews to clamp on the side of bushing and not in the slot. Tighten both setscrews securely against the shaft of your motor.

Use the palm of your hand to push the padded sanding sleeve firmly into place over the arbor. The pad will be a tight fit onto the shaft. Lightly coating the inside of the pad on the end with Vaseline might be necessary for easier installation. The four small vertical grippers that are built into the sides of the shaft prevent the pad from turning on the shaft during use.

Customer's comments:
(1) "I just got my drum sander today. I did one of my maple canes and it just works Great.”
(2) “Thanks my friend and God bless."
(3)."I bought one and you are right, I love it. It makes things look so much better and does it faster."
(4) “Nice tool, Works Great, Thank you, A+”
(5) “Incredible! Why we didn't have these 10 years ago? Can't get any better.... Thank You!”
(6)“Terry: I am extremely happy with my drum sander, it does an awesome job, very fast. I would recommend it to any woodworker.”

Price of the Flex Drum Sander Kit FSD-407: $46.00 (shipped free) anywhere in the USA. Via USPS First Class Mail (*)
(*) Shipping via Priority Mail (for 2-3 days delivery) is extra @ $6.60/ kit.

The kit includes:
3-foam padded drums (sleeves) with 3-different grits of sandpaper sleeves, (80,120, 220)
1-metal gripper shaft and
1-split bushing adapter (No motor).
Refill sanding sleeves are always available and current price for each sleeve is $6.45 (plus s/h).

Scroll down to see the Flex Drum Sander Kit Video at the website below!

For answers to questions, please visit the website (below) or call: Terry Weber
Toll Free: 877-309-8382
Video of the Flex Drum Sander Kit can be seen on website below:


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