100 Ways To Trade Launches Total Education Investing And Trading Program

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American Wealth Investing Institute has launched a total solution education program for new and experienced investors and traders termed 100 Ways To Trade to help investors learn to navigate the volatile forex, future, stock, options, etf, and binary markets. The constant barrage of global government interference in the markets is wreaking havoc on Investor accounts. Investors must now figure out how to manage their money and this is where http://www.100waystotrade.com comes into play.

Learn How To Trade Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Binaries, and Spreads Using One Simple Pattern

http://100WaysToTrade.com Teaches Investors How To Trade Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Binaries, and Spreads Using One Simple Pattern

Combine the political gridlock in Washington, global government market interference, an upcoming election year, and a market with ongoing volatility and what you get in an investor left not knowing what to do next.

American Wealth Investing Institute has launched http://www.100waystotrade.com as an education program for new and experienced investors and traders in order to help investors learn how to manage and protect their money in the volatile markets caused by massive government interference. The European Central Bank and the Federal reserve have announced this week they will provide liquidity of United States dollars to help prevent a run on European banks. The constant barrage of global government decisions is wreaking havoc on American Investor accounts. Investors are starting to actively manage their own money instead of depending on buy and hold. That being said, investors must now figure out to manage their money in these volatile markets.

Darrell Martin, founder of The American Wealth Investing Institute and developer of the 401K generator which has sold over 100,000 subscriptions to the 401K Mutual Fund Analyzer, is being featured as a guest panelist at The Futures and Forex Expo in Las Vegas September 23 and 24th. Darrell states, “There is only one thing that drives the markets. Fundamental, statistic, seasonal and technical readings do not drive the market; they simply contribute to the one that that drives the market, orders! Our education program is designed to capitalize on this fact by breaking everything down to one simple pattern called the A.P.E.X. pattern. Investors and traders alike must learn to use the fact, that orders are the only thing that drives the markets, to their advantage if they are to survive in this volatility in today’s stock, ETF, future, commodity, forex, option, and binary markets.”

Darrell Martin’s states the goal of the education program “to provide a total education solution package for investors with the launch of 100 Ways To Trade.” The education provided by 100 Ways To Trade simplifies the entire investment decision process down to one simple market pattern to define direction, entry, stop loss, trailing stops, position size, and risk management. To help expedite the learning curve on this already simple pattern, 100 Ways To Trade provides simple plugins that work on multiple platforms and integrates with over 50 brokers, on over 200 exchanges in 19 countries spread across the globe on 5 continents. These plugins provide automated chart pattern recognition of the one pattern, proprietary indicators, and even automated strategy engines in the “All Markets” Package. Plus to ensure ongoing education each student obtains access to the powerful online classroom with live chat, open classroom forums for all questions, training videos, and live webinars.

In response to the recent announcement to bailout the eurozone, Darrell states, “The decision by the ECB and the Federal Reserve was necessary to prevent a run on the European banks but it is a double edged sword. If they do not provide this liquidity then a collapse of the fragile and volatile global markets could become unavoidable. However, on the other side, even though the decision may drive up the markets, it undoubtedly increases the problem of inflation which can wreak havoc on US investors buying power. Combine this new liquidity with the political gridlock in Washington over tax reform, a debt committee who is trying to accomplish the bare minimum, an upcoming election year, and a job stimulus package proposed by President Obama and rejected by Republicans and you get an investor who is left not knowing what to do next. This is where http://www.100waystotrade.com comes into play.”

About American Wealth Investing Institute

American Wealth Investing Institute is a leading provider in investor education, providing down to earth education that main street can use to gain control of their investments.

Its services include 401K Education tool which includes the Mutual Fund Analyzer and SPX Signal developed by Darrell Martin, the founder of American Wealth Investing Institute. This 401K education tool has sold over 100,000 subscriptions in the past 12 months. The primary distribution model for this service is through its 401K Generator division where financial professionals may sign up to provide the service to their clients in a private label format. In addition, the company provides education on stocks, etfs, futures, forex, options, binaries, and spreads through its 100 Ways To Trade division.

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