Coordination Expert Targets Oil and Gas Workers for Training on Project Destruction

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Project Destruction is one answer to the question "Why bother, when project success that leads to an early finish, more often than not brings curtailed earnings and swelling ranks of the unemployed?" Now there is a community for people working on Energy Industry projects that solves the inverse relationship between Project Success and Personal Reward. Its the PIG


The PHC Interest Group (PIG)

The more a project overruns, the more capital the owner is forced to inject, to pay for the workforce. Its legal robbery, lets take advantage!

Project owners have turned their back on an opportunity to introduce a revolutionary new service into their project control practice. Now that the proposition is sabotaged by the Project Owners themselves, it has developed along a different avenue, project destruction, this time for the http:direct benefit of workers in Industrial projects.

Project Health Control (PHC), a service dedicated to bringing projects to an early completion, has now been withdrawn from the marketplace, pending the development of a special community of Project workers. This follows a marketing campaign that reveals a surprising global indifference among the Oil Majors to the success of their projects.

Current strategy for Order Efficiency Ltd is to focus on getting a simple message to each one of the estimated 7 million people working on energy industry projects around the world.

"You don't have to work hard, just smart, to keep your project going on and on, claiming more and more personal revenue from the rising chaos." David Winter - Order Efficiency Ltd

After an intensive 16 month campaign by Order Efficiency Ltd, to introduce effective systems of management into Oil and Gas projects, the end result did not make comfortable reading. From 1,458 people approached from a total of 622 Oil and Gas Operators, a list was distilled to 432 people from 321 Operators, 36.of which showed active interest, but not a single one committed to taking the service.

Research among randomly selected members of the global workforce has revealed that the underlying reason is simple: The 'inverse' relationship between the success of a project and personal revenue for project staff.

David's book,"How To Make Your Project Go Badly Wrong" paints a serious picture of the inefficiencies in Oil and Gas projects and goes even further to instruct on practical techniques for personal gain through gentle sabotage that can be effected easily, without leaving any incriminating evidence and still maintaining the illusion of the project experience as a viable entry in the professional's resume.

The book is already making its presence felt in the industrial world, but a critical mass of willing participants in the project.destruction community is needed to test the principles thoroughly on a real live project. A project with a large contingent of project destroyers among its staff would make an interesting candidate for a productivity study. A prospect welcomed by Order Efficiency Ltd as an open and public means to send a wake up call to the Energy Industry leaders.

A simple internet search is all it takes to fully appreciate the widespread nature of Project inefficiency. A recent article by Ghana Government Official Mr Caesar Kale is just one example of what may be commonplace after PIG style Project Destruction enhances (and renders anonymous) the efforts of the contractor to whom Mr Kale refers.

The release of the ebook and the starting of the PIG community marks the beginning of a new wave of project slowdowns as the workforce of project after project, effects a subtle transfusion of financial lifeblood from project budget to personal pocket.

"I am interested to see, now that the e-book is released, how far and wide the word will spread. When you read the book you come to realise that its not really about project destruction, but about something much bigger, and alltogether more noble." A Worker in the Oil and Gas Industry (Whose anonymity may be understandable in this context.)


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